Don’t Make These Common Mistakes! Tips for Presenters of Team Recognition

    Team recognition shines the spotlight on a group of individuals rather than just one person. However, team recognition honors multiple contributors rather than just one individual.

    When they present to a team, award presenters tend to generalize their comments without personally recognizing each member for their unique contribution. Don’t make this critical mistake! It is imperative that presenters recognize both the individuals on the team one at a time and the team as a unit.

    The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) is a group of professionals from a variety of fields including, human resources, legal, finance, information technology, sales, and marketing.  CEB delivers data and tools, along with best practices to over 120,000 executives on a regular basis. This organization has outlined the following four common mistakes to avoid when recognizing a team. Continue reading…

    Employee Recognition Ideas by Category

    Symbolism is what makes employee recognition powerful and effective. It is the most important element of all the employee recognition ideas in the world today.

    Awards that are symbolic become a reminder of the achievement itself and the person who is receiving the award. It is important that the design and inscription on the award accurately portray the importance of the accomplishment. In addition, it is important that a symbolic award also take the personality of the recipient into account. For example, the award should reflect their personal style, incorporate their favorite color, or contain a quote that they admire.

    At first glance it appears as if the number of employee recognition ideas you have at your fingertips is endless! But these options can be broken down into two big-picture categories: symbolic or non-symbolic awards. Below is a short list of items that are considered symbolic or non-symbolic. Continue reading…

    How to Present Employee Service Awards

    Employee service awards are designed to recognize a deserving employee for years of service and/or dedication to the job. This type of corporate award is common in most businesses and has many benefits. However, business owners and managers hesitate to use employee service awards to their advantage because they don’t know what to say to their deserving employee. In fact, the number one reason why managers don’t recognize their employees is because they don’t know what to say!

    The good news is that it is very easy to figure out what to say to an employee during an awards presentation. Managers and business owners should not let this stop them from presenting employee service awards.

    Bob Nelson is one of the first individuals to research how to present a recognition award. He recommends a few very simple steps outlining what to say in his book, The 1001 Rewards and Recognition Fieldbook. Continue reading…

    Peer-to-Peer Recognition

    Peer-to-Peer Recognition is a form of recognition that occurs between employees; it does not come from the top-down. It occurs when one employee sees another employee do something to support the organizational goals, direction, or culture, and compliments this person. This type of recognition is effective because it builds a sense of togetherness among employees.

    When your employees start to recognize each other for working in a way that reflects the corporate values you know that your employees are living out the corporate culture and taking it to heart. This alone is a positive sign and a milestone to commemorate! Continue reading…

    Sales Recognition: Symbolic or Monetary?

    Professional salespeople thrive on meeting their goals. Many organizations use sales recognition programs to motivate their sales staff. The sales recognition program acts like the rudder on a boat, keeping the salespeople on course and focused on the organization’s goal. A sales program also feeds into the natural competitive nature of most salespeople. Healthy competition motivates salespeople to improve and grow. Continue reading…

    Benefits to a Service Recognition Program

    Honoring employees for years of service as part of a service recognition program is a long-standing part of the history of business in America. Many organizations regularly thank their employees for coming to work year in and year out, which alone deserves a reward.

    The practice of recognition has its benefits. Two of the most important benefits to a service recognition program are increased employee engagement and lower turnover. Recognition programs are very good at accomplishing both of these goals.

    What does having an increase in employee engagement mean to a business? Continue reading…

    Why Choose a Crystal Award?

    Recognition planners have an unlimited number of choices for recognition awards, so why should you consider crystal awards?

    Crystal awards are popular among today’s professionals because they are rare. These awards are not typically part of daily life, like other rewards. Although you may not indulge in travel, merchandise, or gift cards on a regular basis, these items typically appear at some point in a lifetime. But seriously, how often do you buy yourself a hand-etched crystal award? Continue reading…

    Four Recognition Tips for Presenters

    A simple Google search for the words “recognition tips” will give you a laundry list of do’s and don’ts for recognition. But if you are short on time and have a limited budget, you need to know the four most important recognition tips available from a name you can trust! Let us boil it down for you.

    The most important recognition tips focus on how to present an award. This process is explained best by authors Chester Elton & Adrian Gostick, who have written a number of books about corporate recognition, when they say

    The world’s most successful organizations have learned that they must make a recognition event something memorable – with almost as much ceremony and emotion as an Olympic-medal event.

    The ceremony and heartfelt emotion of an event like this are greatly influenced by the person who presents the awards. In fact, this person is the most valuable part of the recognition equation.

    The words they choose, the way they use words in their presentation, and the genuine quality of their facial expressions are what captivate and compel the recipient to internalize the importance of their accomplishment. Continue reading…