Why Choose a Crystal Award?

    Recognition planners have an unlimited number of choices for recognition awards, so why should you consider crystal awards?

    Crystal awards are popular among today’s professionals because they are rare. These awards are not typically part of daily life, like other rewards. Although you may not indulge in travel, merchandise, or gift cards on a regular basis, these items typically appear at some point in a lifetime. But seriously, how often do you buy yourself a hand-etched crystal award? Continue reading…

    Four Recognition Tips for Presenters

    A simple Google search for the words “recognition tips” will give you a laundry list of do’s and don’ts for recognition. But if you are short on time and have a limited budget, you need to know the four most important recognition tips available from a name you can trust! Let us boil it down for you.

    The most important recognition tips focus on how to present an award. This process is explained best by authors Chester Elton & Adrian Gostick, who have written a number of books about corporate recognition, when they say

    The world’s most successful organizations have learned that they must make a recognition event something memorable – with almost as much ceremony and emotion as an Olympic-medal event.

    The ceremony and heartfelt emotion of an event like this are greatly influenced by the person who presents the awards. In fact, this person is the most valuable part of the recognition equation.

    The words they choose, the way they use words in their presentation, and the genuine quality of their facial expressions are what captivate and compel the recipient to internalize the importance of their accomplishment. Continue reading…

    We’re a Finalist!

    We’re super excited over here at Crystal D! And there are many reasons why which we’d be happy to share with you, the reader, who will now be referenced in bold and italics!

    What are some of those reasons? I’m excited to know!
    It’s gorgeous in Minnesota. That’s a good reason. Also we really love summertime which is a great reason to be excited. Another reason: we announced new Quarter Two WOW Champs last week! We’ve got some awesome winners who totally deserved their win! And our Solutions Specialist Mike Pooler was surprised this morning on the Today Show! But while those are GREAT reasons to be excited, we have another reason to be extra excited. Continue reading…

    Best Companies to Work For – Employee Rewards

    Every company on this list is successful for different reasons. However, all of the Fortune 100 companies share one thing in common – they realize that each employee is an individual and they address their employees based on those individual differences. Truth is business is better when employees are allowed to be flexible. Employers typically see an increase in employee morale, employee engagement, and employee commitment. Absenteeism and tardiness also go down. Continue reading…

    Chuck Dahlgren

    Crystal D’s 2016 Community Outreach Challenge

    At Crystal D, we’re big on giving back to our community.

    Over the years, we’ve visited Feed My Starving Children, packing meals for kids. We’ve adopted families at Christmas to make sure they all have Christmas gifts. Our employees donate part of their paychecks to a local food bank, and we sponsor a blood drive to help save lives in the Twin Cities. Continue reading…