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Don’t Wait to Say Thanks – ARA Show 2012

Bright lights, big city! Recently, I spent a week in Las Vegas at the 2012 ARA Show. IMG 0107 e1331670402579 225x300 Dont Wait to Say Thanks   ARA Show 2012It was a fantastic experience. I traveled with two of our lovely marketing ladies! They met with our customers in the tradeshow booth while I made two presentations.

We started the week with a full day of set up! Boxes, bubble wrap, glass cleaner, and white gloves is all we need to bring “The WOW Effect”TM to Vegas baby!!!

 Traveling for work is both a privilege and a sacrifice. It is a privilege because tradeshows are the best environment to meet our customers face-to-face; we all love these opprotunities! Our customers arIMG 0092 e1331670742779 225x300 Dont Wait to Say Thanks   ARA Show 2012e the best people in the world because they believe in the power of recognition with as much conviction as we do. They fill our tank with energy and give us fuel we use to continue to progress as a company.

On the other hand, work travel is also a sacrifice because it takes my employees away from their families and children. So I make a point to thank my folks for this sacrifice whenever I can.  My favorite way to express my appreciation while in Vegas is by trying out a killer resturant followed by one of the many entertaining live shows. 

This year’s staff favorite was the ”Donnie and Marie” show at the Flamingo. The brother-sister duo really gave us a chance to relax after a day of hard work! Pictured here: Becca (marketing), Donnie, Marie, Bridget (marketing), and myself.

There are many ways to thank your employees for their hard work. But the most effective way to do this is by expressing your gratitude immediately after your employees have completed their work. So don’t wait, if you have someone who deserves a high-5, or a more significant form of gratitude like a night on the town, give it up ASAP! This thank you will go far and your employee will become more engaged.

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Improve Your Memory

string around finger Improve Your Memory

It is all in the details! When you deal with people you deal with the individual personality, individual spirit, and individual behavior.

In order to interact on a personal level, you must know the detailed stuff about people like names, hobbies, areas of interest, family, etc… To do this on a regular basis you may want to improve your memory. Here are a few tips that the experts recommend.

Tips on Ways to Improve Your Memory
1) Get Moving - Exercise not only exercises the body, it exercises the brain as well. The brain depends on energy received through a constant intake of oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream, and when those nutrients don’t arrive, the brain’s ability to work is compromised. So to keep the blood moving to the brain, you’re going to need to get up from your chair and get your blood pumping. Studies show that the more physically active a person is, the greater his or her cognitive performance [Victoroff].

2) Pay Attention – Eight seconds is more than just a length of time that bull riders try to stay atop a bucking bronco, it’s the amount of time you need to completely focus your attention on something to effectively transfer it from short-term to long-term memory [Crook]­. Like an absent-minded professor, we all have moments where we put down keys without noticing.  Try to stay in the present and really pay attention to the task at hand.  Minimize distractions to focus fully.

3) Remember Names – When you meet a new person, it’s important to pay attention to the name and the face. As soon as you learn the name, repeat it back to the person by saying, “Nice to meet you, so-and-so.” It’s not a cheap trick; researchers have found that people who do this have a 30 percent better chance of remembering the new name[Herold].


  • Crook, Thomas and Christine Allison. “How to Remember Names.” HarperCollins. 1992.
  • Herold, Mort. “You Can Have a Near-Perfect Memory.” Contemporary Books, Inc. 1982.
  • Victoroff, Jeff. “Saving Your Brain.” Bantam. 2002.
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What is Being Recognized?

Recognition occurs in many forms in corporate America. It can be delivered publically or privately but the most common occassions for recognition include:

What Companies Recognize

  • Length of Service
  • Above & Beyond Performance
  • Sales Achievements
  • Retirement
  • Useful Employee Suggestions
  • Value Champions
  • Safety
  • Attendance

Successful companies are using recognition as an essential management tool to stay competitive in the marketplace.  As a result, companies have achieved lower turnover, more productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and greater profitability.

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What ELSE Can Make Your Business Better?

If you’ve been following this blog or Crystal D for any length of time you know I talk quite a bit about how business improves when employees are recognized. I talk about it so much you may have even turned a deaf ear to my message. If so, it is time to turn up the volume and tune in…we’ve been introduced to some new research that has the potential to revolutionize the recognition industry! It is called POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY.

Positive Psychology

In this case, the ‘positive psychology’ that I am referring to is called The Happiness Advantage™ by the Institute for Applied Positive Research. The research that this organization conducts proves to have huge benefits on individuals personally and for organizations in business and education in terms of productivity.

The Institute for Applied Positive Research has found that 75% of a person’s happiness on the job is related to optimism, social support, and the ability to see stress as a challenge instead of a threat. When the brain is positive it performs significantly better (31% better) than it does in negative, neutral or stressed; intelligence rises, creativity increases, and energy levels rise.

This produces the following business outcomes:

happiness chart 300x172 What ELSE Can Make Your Business Better?

  • Better secure jobs
  • Better keeping jobs
  • Superior productivity
  • More resiliency
  • Less burnout
  • Less turnover
  • Greater sales


This is such a promising piece of information because it gives us, as people who recognize others, another tool to to make an even bigger difference in our organizations, workgroups, and communities.

How Can We Use Positive Psychology to Make Our Business Better?

Shawn Anchor, the founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research, has created a process whereby individuals can learn how to increase the level of happiness they experience in their life without changing their circumstances. Thus enabling them to become more productive, more resilient, more creative, and have more energy. All of these outcomes can be measured and related to a business outcome.

  • The goal of science is turning observation into prediction. The goal of business is turning prediction into profit. Thus good science means great business. If you can quantify predictors of success, it’s like adding GPS to your company as it navigates new terrain.” —Shawn Achor

I will keep learning more about this subject and how it relates to our industry; more on this will be coming in the future.

You can learn more by visiting this website: and by listening to this video:

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It is Employee Appreciation Day!

Today, March 2, is Employee Appreciation Day; a day to commemorate employee contribution! In honor of today, we are treating all of our employees to donuts. In addition, I’d like to thank our staff members for their hard work and commitment during the first few months of this year.  We are in the midst of our busy season and we’ve seen many employees step up to take on extra responsiblities during this time. I appreciate the extra effort and attention to detail because it makes our brand come alive for our customers and the recipients of our awards!

Here are a number photos of our amazing employees below, these pictures tell a story all their own. Enjoy!


“Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free – and worth a fortune.”

Sam Walton (1918–1992)
American businessperson and founder of Wal-Mart


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