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It is all in the details! When you deal with people you deal with the individual personality, individual spirit, and individual behavior.

In order to interact on a personal level, you must know the detailed stuff about people like names, hobbies, areas of interest, family, etc… To do this on a regular basis you may want to improve your memory. Here are a few tips that the experts recommend.

Tips on Ways to Improve Your Memory
1) Get Moving - Exercise not only exercises the body, it exercises the brain as well. The brain depends on energy received through a constant intake of oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream, and when those nutrients don’t arrive, the brain’s ability to work is compromised. So to keep the blood moving to the brain, you’re going to need to get up from your chair and get your blood pumping. Studies show that the more physically active a person is, the greater his or her cognitive performance [Victoroff].

2) Pay Attention – Eight seconds is more than just a length of time that bull riders try to stay atop a bucking bronco, it’s the amount of time you need to completely focus your attention on something to effectively transfer it from short-term to long-term memory [Crook]­. Like an absent-minded professor, we all have moments where we put down keys without noticing.  Try to stay in the present and really pay attention to the task at hand.  Minimize distractions to focus fully.

3) Remember Names – When you meet a new person, it’s important to pay attention to the name and the face. As soon as you learn the name, repeat it back to the person by saying, “Nice to meet you, so-and-so.” It’s not a cheap trick; researchers have found that people who do this have a 30 percent better chance of remembering the new name[Herold].


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