TeriKay Thein - Blank and Sample Program Manager

Terikay Thein, Blank and Sample Manager

My name is TeriKay, and I am the Blank and Sample Program Manager.

I fill your orders with a smile! My favorite thing about working in the recognition industry is imagining people receiving their awards! In my free time, I enjoy playing the flute and piano, crafting, gardening, bird watching, and woodworking! My favorite dessert is mint chocolate chip ice cream! The strangest food that I have eaten is Walleye-On-A-Stick, a Minnesota State Fair special!

Something Surprising: My favorite joke is, “Why did the bubble gum cross the road?” Answer: Because it was stuck to the chicken!

Recognition Stats:

  • Respect Value Champion: 2006, 2007, 2008
  • Integrity Value Champion: 2013
  • Grand Value Champion: 2010
  • Step Up Award: 2011
  • Leadership Award: 2015
  • Integrity WOW Champion: 2010 3rd Quarter, 2013 4th Quarter
  • Respect WOW Champion: 2018 2nd Quarter