First Quarter WOW Champs

Here Are Our 2017 First Quarter WOW Champs!

We’re super excited to share the newest WOW Champs for the first quarter of 2017. WOW Champs are employees who are fulfilling our values and are nominated by their peers. These people are in definite consideration for a Value Champ at next year’s WOW Day.

Commitment: Todd
Integrity: Linda
Respect: Grace
Passion: Ashley
Quality: Jason

One of our Memory Makers had this to say about Commitment WOW Champ Todd: “The past three days, Todd has been finishing his projects faster and faster, knowing shipping is going to need his help at the end of the day. Todd’s commitment to helping out his teammates is refreshing to see, and I hope it sweeps through operations like a wildfire.”

Congratulations to our latest winners! We’re so happy to have you at Crystal D!

2017 First Quarter WOW Champs

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