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2018 Commitment Value Champion: Pisenny

Hello readers! I’m here to introduce you to our 2018 Commitment Value Champion! It’s incredibly important for us to recognize our employees at Crystal D. One way we do this is with our Value Champion program. Each quarter, our employees nominate their coworkers for living out our five core values and a quarterly WOW Champ for each value is selected by managers. At the end of the year, the managers review the nominations of each WOW Champ and ultimately pick the next Value Champion and Grand Value Champion. We recognized a new set of Value Champions (VCs) at WOW Day back in January.

Each of our VCs has been selected as the person who best lived out one of our five core values: integrity, quality, respect, commitment, and passion. In addition to the recognition of being a winner, our VCs receive some awesome perks throughout the year including:

  • A shiny crystal award presented to them at WOW Day
  • Their name and picture on the Wall of Champions
  • A reserved parking spot right in front of the building
  • Extra days of PTO throughout the year
  • An afternoon of fun in the sun with Chuck at the boat outing
  • Eight different meals from Let’s Dish!
  • $100 and an afternoon off to go holiday shopping
  • Meetings with managers over breakfast to discuss how Crystal D can improve
  • Help planning company events and community outreach
  • Participating in New Employee Orientation (NEO) as a welcoming committee

That’s a lot of great stuff!

I had the chance to meet with Pisenny, our newest Commitment Value Champion, to talk about how it felt winning the award and what it’s been like as a VC.

Pisenny XiongAlexis: Congratulations, Pisenny! How did you feel when your name was announced as the winner? Did you think you were going to win?

Pisenny: I was really surprised, and I didn’t expect to hear my name. There have been a lot of changes at Crystal D, and there have been so many people who have stepped up to help the company. I thought one of those people might get it. When the description of the winner was being read, I was thinking of all the people who could win. I haven’t done anything different than I normally do, so it was really awesome that I was chosen.

Alexis: How did you feel when you were on stage and during the presentation of your award?

Pisenny: I was still surprised as I was walking up, but as soon as Chuck handed me the award, I knew it was real. I felt great knowing that I was up there because others believe that I deserved this. I felt a sense of accomplishment because of all the hard work and changes that we’ve gone through. The video with the personal messages from managers was so nice since it was more personal to each winner.

Alexis: What kind of impact do you want to make as a Value Champion?

Pisenny: I want to continue to help the company and my coworkers reach the goals Chuck has. I want to be one form of communication between my coworkers so we can all learn from and teach each other. I hope that what we do as VCs will benefit others.

Alexis: What are you looking forward to most now that you are a Value Champion?

Pisenny: I’m looking forward to the impact the current group of VCs will have. We’re all so different, so it’ll be interesting to see what ideas we have to share. I’m also loving my parking spot!

Alexis: On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being “terrible” and 5 being “totally awesome,” how great is it to have a reserved parking spot?

Pisenny XiongPisenny: Definitely a 5. It’s great to have a spot with my name on it since parking is pretty limited. Production parks back to back, so sometimes we have to have the person who parks behind us move their car so we can get out. It’s nice that I don’t have that hassle now!

Alexis: OK, we’ve answered the serious questions. Now time for the fun ones. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Pisenny: I don’t really have a go-to, but I’ll sing any Disney song you put on.

Alexis: If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower?

Pisenny: I’d choose shapeshifting. I can be anything or anyone I want which would let me borrow their abilities when I needed them.

Alexis: Is a hot dog a sandwich? Why or why not?

Pisenny: I don’t think it is because of what goes on a hot dog versus what goes on a sandwich. A hot dog is a hot dog.

Alexis: Which famous person, dead or alive, would you most like to have dinner with?

Pisenny: I’d probably pick Ellen Degeneres. She’s funny and witty. I think I’d enjoy dinner with her.

Alexis: What’s your favorite cheesy pick-up line?

Pisenny: Hey. You’re pretty. I’m cute. Together we’d be pretty cute.

Alexis: If you could make any animal small enough to fit in your pocket, what animal would you constantly carry around?

Pisenny: A Pomeranian. They’re cute and fluffy!

Alexis: If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish for? “Unlimited wishes” and “unlimited genies” are not allowed!

Pisenny: Lots of money, the power to heal, and the ability to understand every language in the world!

Thanks for chatting with me, Pisenny! And congratulations again on becoming the 2018 Commitment Value Champion!


Pisenny Xiong

Pisenny Xiong

Pisenny Xiong

Pisenny Xiong

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