Second Quarter WOW Champs

2018 Second Quarter WOW Champs Revealed!

It’s WOW Champ time again! On Wednesday, we announced our second quarter WOW Champs, and we’re excited to share the winners with you!

Every quarter, five people are chosen as WOW Champs. These people are nominated by their peers for best representing one of our five core values. Once the nominations are all gathered up, managers meet to discuss who best embodies each value. Then at our company meeting, Chuck says a few words about each person and how they exemplified that value.

You may be wondering, “Why do you guys do this?”

Only quarterly WOW Champs are eligible to become a Value Champ, so being a WOW Champ is one step closer to that goal. It allows us to recognize our employees throughout the year, and it helps them stay engaged with their work.

We get so excited for the winners. It shows how much we appreciate them. I also love the fact that we nominate our peers. While an award from a manager or c-suite is always really awesome, it’s pretty cool to know that your coworkers think you deserve an award too.

Our WOW Champs represent one of our five core values, so here’s a quick refresher on our values and what they mean to us:

  • Integrity: “We do what we say we will do.”
  • Quality: “We have the unyielding persistence to improve.”
  • Respect: “We treat people the way we want to be treated.”
  • Commitment: “We are dedicated to the ongoing viability of the company.”
  • Passion: “We have the burning desire to achieve in all we do.”

So without further ado, I’m happy to announce our 2018 Second Quarter WOW Champs!

Drum roll please…

Integrity: Bonnie in accounting

Quality: Ann in marketing

Respect: TK in customer service

Commitment: Mike in warehouse

Passion: Liz in solutions

Q2 WOW Champs

Congratulations to our winners! You guys rocked our values this quarter. Here are just a few things your coworkers had to say this quarter:

  • “Bonnie always watches for anything I might miss on my orders when she is reviewing them to send out prepayment requests to our customers. She is so reliable and dependable, and I sincerely appreciate a second eye on my orders. She works above and beyond, and she’s a joy to work with.”
  • “Ann has stepped into a role that was created because of her skills. The work she’s putting in with her coworkers to learn this new job shows. She’s providing our factories with correct diagrams and working with different personalities to learn everything she can, and I think this is extremely underrated. She’s taking on so much, and she’s rocking it!”
  • “TK knew that the production team was going through a very busy time. She had some downtime, so she jumped right in at the sinks to help production get a large order out. She didn’t have to go and help, but she wants Crystal D to be the best it can be!”
  • “Mike is always willing to train people on new things and takes his time with them as they learn. His willingness to help others shows his commitment to making our company the best it can be.”
  • “I received an email from one of my customers who suddenly needed 57 awards shipped out the next day for an event two days from when I got the email. While I was getting the quote prepared, Liz ran down to our production department and worked with them to get a timeline. She came back up and said we could get it done, but the order needs to be in right away and the art needed to be approved by 2pm. Because of Liz’s persistence and hard work, my customer got the order in and art approved at 1:59pm.”

Want to help us celebrate our winners? Leave them a comment! And don’t forget to check back in September for our Third Quarter WOW Champs!

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