Truth. Success can flow from you to your business.

A New Building

You know the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” Well, it does. It seems that the busier you are, the more you can do. This was the case with me at this time of my life and for my business too.

I love being busy and having a distinct purpose to each day. The feeling of accomplishment that comes from completing one task helps motivate me to take on things that are even harder, more complex, or more challenging.

As you know, I wanted my company to grow into a stronger, more stable, and larger business. I wanted a stronger foundation so that the company could weather the storms of the economy that are inevitable. My mind was always searching for ways to improve my business.

I started building a new facility for Crystal D while in the midst of defining who we were with Smartie-Pants. The new building would be home to the bigger, stronger company that I continued to dream about.

The building was set to be four times larger than our original establishment and was designed to help our production process be as efficient as possible. It was going to be awesome! Everything about it was customizable. Deciding on all the details – like what color the light switch plates should be, how big our server room should be, and where to drop Ethernet cords from the ceiling to the floor – soon became all-consuming.

These concrete decisions seemed to take precedence over the work we were doing on our company purpose, values, and personality. Sometimes doubt would rise when I thought about the energy that we’d put into our work with Smartie-Pants. Stubborn, pesky doubt.

Doubt said things like:

“How could a simple statement like a core purpose really make things different or make your business better in some way?”

“Do you really think your employees will help you accomplish this? Will they want to be Memory Makers?”

 “You think you can just decide one day to make your business grow and it does? Things are never that easy.”

“Chuck, do you really think this is going to work?”

What do I do when Doubt taunts me? I listen to the voice of Truth. Truth says fewer words and speaks more quietly.

Truth said:

“There is no reason why success cannot flow from you and my business.”


This is it. This is your chance to shine.,And just like that, the heavy foot of Truth squashed the loud shouts of Doubt.

With that in mind, walls went up, windows were installed, flooring adhered, and we moved in. Just three short days later, we moved every single thing into our new place and were up and running again.

I remember driving into the parking lot on that first real day at work in the new building. All the boxes had been unpacked, workstations set up, and furniture placed. I walked into the foyer and caught a glimpse of our showroom. Our receptionist had the lights on and the sparkle of the crystal hit the rays of sunshine as they beamed in from the outside. I was blinded for a split second by the powerful white rays and Truth spoke again saying:

“This is it. This is your chance to shine, just like this crystal. Go to it. Be a Memory Maker and your business will grow.”

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