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I Can’t Sell Awards Because…I’m Not an Expert

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I can’t sell awards,” and then wondered, “Why not?”

Most distributors out there have muttered that phrase at least once during their selling career. Afterall, awards are fancy and shiny, and they can also be expensive. Selling them is a little different than selling low-end trinkets. But fear not! Selling awards is something you should do if you aren’t already. It’s fun, and it’s profitable.

If you can’t sell awards because you are “not an award expert,” we’ve got you covered. For us, it’s awards. All day. Every day. We have been part of the industry for 25 years, and we create personalized awards for more than 150,000 recipients each year.  So you’re in good hands.

Awards experts address two important issues right off the bat. First is properly preparing for a presentation, and second is finding options in the right budget.

Let us help you.

Help You Prepare for a Presentation

We can help you select options that your customer will love. You can choose from a free digital virtual or a product sample (small fee required). When the presentation is complete, you can return the sample. Virtuals are yours to keep, are full-color and include the customer’s logo. Both of these options make preparing for a presentation easy-peasy.

Help You Choose Awards in a Budget

If you tell us your client’s budget, we can do the rest. We will give you a few award options from which to choose. After your client makes the final selection, we can even help you submit your purchase order and get the order process moving.

Preparing for a presentation and finding options to fit your client’s budget are keys to closing sales. We’d love to help you kick-start your next sale! Contact us today!

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