I have no time

I Can’t Sell Awards Because…I Have No Time

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. Time does not stand still. But how does it seem to run out so quickly?

As the day moves ahead, you make promises to yourself. These promises are a stack of “should’s” that grows higher and higher with each passing hour. You say things to yourself like:

  • I should sell more t-shirts
  • I should eat more vegetables
  • I should exercise
  • I should clear out my inbox
  • I should double check on that PO
  • I should take a trip
  • I should sell awards

All these “should’s” bring forth a very busy lifestyle, leaving your head spinning. So how could you possibly consider selling awards? You think to yourself, “I can’t sell awards because I have no time,” as you push “I should sell awards” to the bottom of the list.

Time is always ticking. And so are your friends here at Crystal D. We are always here, ready to help you get award orders queued up and moving out the door. Thankfully, we have three time-saving services that can help you make the most of your day.

Ideas to Use in a Presentation

If you need ideas, we got ‘em! Check out our Ideas Page on the website. We have ideas like Years of Service, 3D Subsurface, Illumachrome™, Deep Etch & Colorfill, Goal-Setter, Retirement, and Sales Recognition to name a few. These ideas are the perfect platform upon which you can build a client presentation. Just order a virtual or spec sample to accompany these ideas to help your clients visualize their own awards!

Quoting and Coaching

Our Solutions department is available to offer you quotes and coaching on what to do next in the sales process. These folks work with distributors that are presenting recognition ideas to end users all the time. They know the drill better than anyone, and they are here to help you figure out your next step! They also provide quotes to help you explain the production process to your clients.

Quick Ship

We offer Quick Ship awards that ship within 24 hours after art approval. When time is short, you can deliver for your customers.

When you let us help out, you can save time by using our prepared ideas for your presentations, calling our Solutions Specialists for quoting and coaching, and offering Quick Ship awards to your customers. All of these important services are designed to give you time to become an expert in selling awards.

Drop us an email; let’s get to work!

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