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Corporate Awards and the Ripple Effect

Corporate awards motivate employees and build company pride. A recognition program is like a stone thrown into a pond – the stone produces layers of ripples that go on and on. A similar effect is created when one employee receives a reward that inspires another employee, who inspires another employee, and so on. The ripple-effect of a recognition awards program will make your business more productive and profitable.

According to our research, organizations that use a corporate awards program correctly can be 18% more productive and 16% more profitable! The reason why recognition programs get great results is because employees who are recognized with corporate awards are more engaged in their work. These employees accomplish more in less time and therefore help the business make more money.

Use your business goals to build a foundation for your corporate awards program. Reward the things that employees do to meet the business goals that drive your organization. This will benefit your bottom-line directly.

Let’s say you own a business that sells software packages and you want to increase the number of orders you receive during second quarter. You can use a recognition program to accomplish this goal by rewarding any employee who directly contributes to getting an additional order during second quarter. It is that simple!

Use crystal corporate awards to reward a variety of accomplishments. Many organizations recognize milestones like:

  • Leadership
  • Corporate Value Recognition
  • Special Achievements
  • Attendance
  • Years of Service
  • Sales Achievement

Awards that recognize leadership can be given to any employee who goes above and beyond the call of duty in your organization. Examples of leadership awards include taking initiative to solve problems or offering new ideas to make your business more efficient or effective. One company used the Flight Indigo Award as a leadership award.

Corporate Value Recognition
Honoring an employee for characterizing your corporate values is one of the most effective ways to use corporate awards. These individuals must live out one of the corporate values on a daily basis in order to receive a corporate value recognition award. At Crystal D, we use the Pacifico Award to honor our Value Champions every year.

Special Achievements
Special achievement awards work well when your organization chooses to accomplish a goal over a short period of time. Let’s say you want to reduce the number of products that must be re-created due to error by two percent in your production line during the next year. As the goal is accomplished in various stages throughout the next 12 months, you can honor the employee(s) that are making this a reality with a special achievement award. Another major achievement is retirement. Retirees have usually been at a company for quite a while, so here are some great ways to recognize them with a corporate award.

Any employee who has exceptional attendance is a person you count on to make your organization work well on a daily basis. Recognize these people so that they know their contribution is important to you and the success of the business.

Years of Service
In today’s business world it is rare to find an employee who is committed to one organization for an extended period of time. Therefore it is important for an organization to recognize the employees who are committed to the business year after year. The Greenbury Indigo Rectangle is a great choice to reward employees for years of service.

Sales Achievement
One way to keep your sales force motivated to continue to bring in new sales is by recognizing salespeople when they exceed a sales goal. This type of positive reinforcement helps stress just how important each salesperson is to the success of your organization. Check out this great case study on sales achievement.

As you can see, awards can be used in many different ways to accomplish any goal. Celebrating success in this way creates a contagious atmosphere. No matter what the award is created to commemorate, it will certainly have a ripple-effect as individuals who did not win witness the award occasion.

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