Crystal as a Holiday Gift

Crystal awards and gifts can be used for a variety of occasions. Of course we all know about corporate events: retirement, years of service, sales achievements, and so on. But what about holidays?

“Holidays? Crystal for holidays? I only use crystal dishes around the holidays.”

Well, why not use crystal for more than just beautiful dishware? Winter holidays are coming up sooner than you think, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about crystal as a holiday gift.

“Well, how do I use crystal as a holiday gift?”

There are many ways to use crystal around the holidays. At Crystal D, we’re happy to help you come up with more ideas than the ones below. Just drop us a line!

The first way to use crystal as a holiday gift is a bowl or vase. Bowls and vases are traditional crystal gifts, and they are always appreciated. Have you ever received a bouquet of flowers and realized you had nothing but a beer stein to put them in? That’s nowhere near as elegant as a crystal vase. The Elena Vase, pictured below, is a great choice for a bouquet of flowers. Vases can be used year-round as well, so you are not limited to showing off an exquisite vase for just a couple months of the year.

Bowls are another great use for crystal. From holiday potpourri to holiday candy, a bowl is a great piece to display in your home or office. Like a vase, bowls aren’t limited to one specific time of year, so a gorgeous crystal bowl, like the Capri Bowl pictured below, is always a great gift.

The second way you can use crystal as a holiday gift is a clock. Clocks are timeless (pun intended), and a beautifully-designed clock will remain a stunning talking piece for years to come. Any messaging can be engraved on a crystal clock, from notes of congratulations for a corporate achievement to a holiday-inspired message. A clock like the Barbour Clock pictured below can be a daily reminder of your achievement or can be brought out just for the holidays.

“OK fair enough. But those are typical gifts that you can also get for a corporate achievement. What else do you have?”

We’ve got crystal awards.

“Awards are not gifts, Crystal D.”

That’s where you are mistaken, dear reader. Awards come in many shapes and styles, and Crystal D has different imprints that can take an award and turn it into a stunning holiday decoration. Take the Nicollet Award, pictured below.  It’s an award, but with the right artwork and imprint processes, it’s a stunning piece of art that can be placed in your Christmas decorations. The snowflakes in this artwork are 3D subsurface, “joy to the world” is deep etched and colorfilled, and the Christmas tree is Illumachrome™.

Or how about the Bankston Award? It can be presented as a corporate award or you can change up the artwork to celebrate Chanukah. This particular artwork is 3D subsurface, but you can add additional imprints to give a more vivid and colorful Chanukah message.

You can also use crystal for generic winter messaging. The Atwater Circle, pictured below, has a simple “let it snow” message with a snowflake. You can have your artwork in deep etch or add color with Illumachrome™. You could even combine them like the artwork pictured.

“OK, Crystal D. You’ve got me convinced!”

We’re glad! Crystal is not just for corporate events. Holidays, weddings, memorial services, product launches, and corporate mergers are just a few examples of ways you can use crystal.

Have an idea for crystal? Drop us a line, and we’ll help turn your idea into a reality!

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