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Glass Awards vs. Crystal Awards: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you ever wonder why glass awards are any different then crystal awards? At first glance, glass awards appear to be similar to crystal awards. However, with a little further attention it becomes clear that crystal awards offer additional qualities that are valuable.

Crystal and glass awards are similar but still very different substrates. They each offer something unique to an award design.

To start, the basic component and make-up of glass differs from crystal. Glass and crystal both use sand, or silicone oxide, as a basic ingredient. Glass is produced in mass using a firing process. It is then blown or molded into its final shape. As a result, glass awards are coarse and commonly contain small bubbles or chill marks.

In some cases these air bubbles and flaws enhance the overall presentation of an award by giving it unique character and distinction.

Crystal awards are also made of silica (sand) but also include lead which makes the award completely clear. Crystal is the most desirable material for creating a recognition award because it contains nothing that can interfere with its design. Crystal is considered more valuable, beautiful, and pristine because it is flawless.

Another characteristic that differentiates glass from crystal is color. Glass typically contains a hue of some sort; even though it may be very slight. This slight coloring cannot be removed. On the other hand, crystal is naturally completely clear and contains absolutely no color unless color is added.

Additionally, glass can easily be combined, or fused, with other pieces of glass or other substrates such as metal or plastic. Whereas, crystal can also be combined with other substrates, but the process is more difficult.

Crystal and glass are similar but they offer different strengths and weaknesses, depending on how the award will be used. Please consider how you will be using your glass or crystal product prior to deciding what substrate to choose. Both options can provide a memorable and meaningful symbol of recognition. If you would like assistance in choosing the best award option please contact us!

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