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Making Memories with Recognition Awards

We use all five senses including taste, smell, sound, sight and touch to make a memory. A recognition award will always hold the memory of the experience. People remember all sorts of details from their recognition experience. The anticipation before the event. What the room looked like. How the food tasted. The sounds in the room. How they felt when their peers congratulated them.

Recognition awards are designed to trigger these memories long after the event is over.

After the surprise and excitement that occurs when a person receives an award, the recipient returns home. And they share the experience with family and friends. This creates even more memories to combine with the recognition experience. From that point on, the award itself becomes the only physical item remaining from the recognition experience.

By default, this item becomes a symbol of the entire experience. All the sights, sounds, and sensations felt by the recipient during the event live on through the award. Experts advise that you choose an award knowing that it will become a lasting symbol of accomplishment. The award should represent the recipient and the occasion in some way.

You can make an award into a symbol by:

  • Including a company logo
  • Adding the date
  • Choosing an award with a style the emulates the recipient
  • Shortening your inscription to the very minimum to avoid clutter
  • Coupling the award with another item that is personally meaningful to the recipient (e.g. a personalized note from a peer or a small gift)

With just a bit of planning, the award you choose can be a symbol that will live on long after the event. Here are some examples of what other companies have done.

We’d love to help you choose and personalize an award for your next occasion; please contact our solutions department today!

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