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Recognition Programs Work Because They Meet a Basic Human Need

Recognition programs work because they meet the basic human need for esteem, confidence, and respect. When organizations strive to meet this need in their employees, their recognition programs produce better results because their employees become even more successful.

Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who studied human needs in the 1940s. In his research, Maslow found that highly successful people have satisfied their basic human needs. Basic human needs include food, water, sleep, security, friendship or family, confidence or esteem, respect, and morality. The needs build on each other in a pyramid-like fashion. The lowest ranked need must be met before the next set of needs can be achieved.

The figure below shows how recognition programs meet the human need for esteem, respect, and confidence.

The higher an individual moves up the pyramid the more successful he or she becomes.

Because of this, recognition programs hold enormous power for an organization. When your company recognizes an employee and meets their need for confidence or respect, that employee becomes more successful. The success of the individual employee then feeds the company, making it more successful too.

The results that your organization can expect from a successful recognition program include an increase in employee engagement, profitability, and customer satisfaction. The relationship between these three components is explained in more detail below.

The term ‘employee engagement’ refers to the level of mental alertness and drive an employee brings to work. An employee who views their work as a job and counts down the hours until the workday is over is considered disengaged. These employees typically have their mind on something else while at work. By contrast, the employee who is immersed in their work – mind and body – is considered engaged.

When organizations have more employees that are engaged than disengaged they are more profitable. Their employees are more productive, efficient, and effective because their heart and mind are working together. These employees naturally provide a higher level of customer service and therefore have happier customers.

It pays to meet the basic needs of your employees. Your company can create more successful employees by using recognition programs. Employees who have their need for esteem, confidence, and respect met through a recognition programs tend to be more engaged in their work. This produces higher profitability and customer satisfaction!

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