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Show Customer Appreciation with a Memorable Crystal Gift

No one will argue that great customers enjoy being appreciated. It’s not rocket science; a simple message and a small token of gratitude can go a long way to forge loyalty. Why should you appreciate your customers?

Because it’s memorable – and research proves it!

It’s memorable.
All companies want their brands to be top-of-mind, creating a memory that surprises a buyer, makes them feel relevant and connected to your company. In turn, you will draw the customer back to you! Think about a time when a company surprised you (in a positive way). The point is proven – you just remembered them. Creating a memorable experience for the customer will keep your company and brand top of mind.

Research says it is a good idea.
When you focus on customer retention, it can make a huge difference to your company and your brand. According to the Harvard Business School, an increase in customer retention by just 5 percent can lead to an increase in profits by 25 percent to 95 percent. It is worth spending money on engaged customers who care. If treating them like VIPs turns them into active brand ambassadors, it becomes an investment with great returns. The best rewards, though, aren’t about money. The best rewards are about acknowledgement and appreciation. The reason that customer appreciation programs fail is that they aren’t always memorable. The key to cultivating customer appreciation is to give a memorable crystal gift when it is least expected.

Make it easy to turn great customers into active brand ambassadors.
You can make it easy to send your clients a memorable crystal gift by pre-planning and creating a gift package. A simple cookie-cutter gift package makes it simple for your sales and customer relations team to use. One successful example of a cookie-cutter and memorable crystal gift is our Crystal Keychain, sent with a simple hand-written card. Please don’t think that you have to go crazy and send your entire database of customers a memorable crystal gift. This is just one idea that can be used for a small targeted segment of customers: your “A” potentials, your top 20%, the big kahunas. Start small and measure the results – when you make it easy to appreciate your best customers, your brand impact skyrockets. You’ll find that your investment will reap many rewards!

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