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What’s New for 2018 at Crystal D?

With a new year, brings hope and endless possibilities. We hope to bring “The WOW Effect”™ to more deserving individuals and the possibility To Turn Emotions Into Memories™ for recipients around the world.

I’m excited to FINALLY introduce you to all the expansions at Crystal D for 2018. Because after 25 years, we know the drill. You want more! More stunning and affordable crystal awards and gifts, more creative ideas, more WOW, less fuss, and more crystal awesomeness.

If you’ve been following along on social media, you’ve probably seen some of the remarkable new award designs and the new Service Awards Gallery. These are also featured in all three of the 2018 catalogs.

If you aren’t on social media, here’s what you should know…

Crystal D has more than 100 new crystal awards and gifts for 2018. This new offering includes many unique optical crystal designs. Each award has intricate details, making it tough to choose just one design to highlight. You’ll have to choose your favorite and let us know!

The Jade and 3D Subsurface Galleries have expanded as well. Jade is very near and dear to my heart because the light green color offers a different yet stunning look for an award.

I’ve been hooked on the 3D awards lately. Any classic design can be recreated inside of the crystal award creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. These awards are to die for!

In addition to new products, Crystal D has introduced a new Service Awards Gallery. To me, the Service Awards Gallery brings a bundle of new ideas to our customers. Not only do the awards and gifts in this category showcase stunning artwork, but we also include tips on how to create or enhance a years of service program within a company.

You may be wondering what my absolute favorite part about introducing the new products and galleries is. That’s easy – the new catalogs. The catalogs tie everything together. The full-line catalog is filled with exceptional designs, brilliant galleries, and insights from Crystal D. Our smaller catalog features the amazing 3D Subsurface Gallery. And last, we’ve created a mini, unbranded #LittleIdeaBook as a selling tool that you can use at client meetings. This catalog features the different imprint options as well as recognition program ideas. All of our catalogs are available to you digitally or in print. Request any or all of the catalogs here!

We could not be more proud of what we’ve created for this year. As we reflect on the last 12 months – the emotions we’ve created and the memories we’ve made – we feel grateful for another year to continue doing what we do best.

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