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We love seeing award recipients so happy after they have won their awards, and we especially love honoring our own employees. After WOW Day 2017 in January, we caught up with Paula, the newest Grand Value Champion (GVC).

Now, being the GVC is a really big deal. It means you are THE person who embodied each of our five core values all at the same time. At WOW Day, the past GVCs announced Paula as this year’s winner, and Tom said in his intro speech that he was surprised Paula was not already in the room when the past winners started preparing their introduction. That is how much Paula embodies all of our values.

We asked Paula how she felt before her name was announced and how she felt going up to the stage. “Before my name was called, I was just happy, relaxed, and enjoying WOW Day. I always try to pick out who I think is going to win, and I love the drama surrounding the reveal of the winners,” Paula said. “When they called my name, I was extremely surprised! And a bit overwhelmed. I did not see my name on the bricks [that the past GVCs used to announce the winner], and I thought to myself, ‘Did they just say Paula?!’ When I started walking up to the stage, I saw my name on the screen and knew it was true.”

Paula DollOn stage, Paula held her award tightly. How did you feel?! “Very happy, but I was kind of in a ‘zone.’ I was amazed that anybody thought I should deserve this,” she said. “I still have to watch the video again because I don’t remember it. I was also a tiny bit embarrassed because everyone was looking at me!”

At the end of the day, Paula was still feeling the emotion of winning. “I was still very keyed up,” she said. “I didn’t really sleep very well, as I was wondering how I was going to live up to this honor. The next day, I was still so happy and excited. I kept repeating to myself, ‘OMG I am the GVC!’ I didn’t think I was going to win. I thought Todd was the logical choice!”

“My job isn’t any different now that I am the GVC, but my view of it is,” Paula said. “I feel very connected to Crystal D. I am grateful for the opportunity to be the GVC. I hope that all of the VCs and I get to make a difference at Crystal D!”

Paula Doll and Chuck Dahlgren

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