WOW Day 2019 – Let’s Celebrate!

It’s that time of year again, folks! On January 25, we celebrated our 17th annual WOW Day. We held this year’s event in a theater with a Hollywood theme, so our Memory Makers strolled the red carpet and were peppered with movie quotes from our amazing emcee, Tim. The Dyamos knocked it out of the park on drums again this year, and we played a Crystal D-themed version of Clue. We had so much fun, but most importantly, we celebrated our amazing employees. Check out this year’s winners!

Never Fear, Always Here

These Memory Makers missed one or fewer days of work! You can always count on this group of people to be here to help give the best service to our customers.

Never Fear, Always Here

Rookies of the Year, Rising Stars, and Step Up

Our two rookies of the year have knocked it out of the park in their first year with the company. Congratulations to Angie Boettcher in the art department and Robert Thomas in the warehouse! Our two Rising Stars have shown incredible improvement in their roles at Crystal D, and they’re contributing to our continued growth. Congratulations to Bonnie Lopez in the finance department and Mike Pooler in the solutions department! Our Step Up award winners never pass the buck and have helped their departments and the company by taking on new challenges. Congratulations to Carla Fuchs, our receptionist, and Jason Geis in shipping!

Angie Boettcher

Angie Boettcher, Rookie of the Year

Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas, Rookie of the Year

Bonnie Lopez

Bonnie Lopez, Rising Star

Mike Pooler

Mike Pooler, Rising Star

Carla Fuchs

Carla Fuchs, Step Up

Jason Geis

Jason Geis, Step Up

Above and Beyond, Kick Ass Attitude, Expect Excellence, Volunteer of the Year

Our Above and Beyond winners always do more than is asked of them. They take their skills to the next level. Congratulations to David Saatzer in business development and Kyle Nordby in the art department! Our Kick Ass Attitude winner is always pushing to make things better with an incredibly upbeat attitude. Congratulations to Lindsey Bock in the art department! When you think of our Expect Excellence award, you think of someone who’s always making sure everything is the best of the best. If it’s not right, they’ll send it back to get done correctly. Congratulations to Vantha Khou in the production department! Our Volunteer of the Year is someone whose community outreach efforts made an amazing impact in our community. Congratulations to Bonnie Lopez in the finance department!

David Saatzer

David Saatzer, Above and Beyond

Kyle Nordby

Kyle Nordby, Above and Beyond

Lindsey Bock

Lindsey Bock, Kick Ass Attitude

Vantha Khou

Vantha Khou, Expect Excellence

Bonnie Lopez

Bonnie Lopez, Volunteer of the Year


Congratulations to Kari Hurtis, our vice president of operations. She is a shining light in our organization and someone who has guided our teams to success in just a few short years.

Kari Hurtis

And now, for the awards you’ve all been waiting for! Our newest Value Champions and newest Grand Value Champion!

Our Value Champions are the recipient of our most meaningful awards. Each winner has been nominated by their coworkers and has been selected as a WOW Champ in the past year. Only WOW Champs are eligible to be named a Value Champion at WOW Day. The management team gets together and selects one winner for each value, and each winner has embodied one of our five core values over the past year. Our Grand Value Champion is also selected by the management team, and this person has been a Value Champion in the past. Let’s give these six amazing winners a big cheer!

Integrity Value Champion – “we do what we say we will do”

Jen Jezierski – marketing department

Jen Jezierski

Quality Value Champion – “we have the unyielding persistence to improve”

Linda Chang – production

Linda Chang

Respect Value Champion – “we treat others the way we want to be treated”

Tim Leutbounshou – customer service

Tim Leutbounshou

Commitment Value Champion – “we are dedicated to the ongoing viability of the company”

Pisenny Xiong – production

Pisenny Xiong

Passion Value Champion – “we have the burning desire to achieve in all we do”

Liz Thill – solutions specialist

Liz Thill

Grand Value Champion – embodies all five core values

Becca Klotz – business development

Becca Klotz

Another incredible WOW Day is in the books! We had an amazing day of recognition, and our employees all feel the love. Ready to start your own recognition program? Plenty of our winners can help you get your program going!

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