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For more than 25 years, Crystal D's imprint specialty has been deep etch. This is created when the smooth surface of the crystal is sandblasted to create a recess. This recess then becomes a frosty-looking imprint and brings forth a beautiful design.

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The process of preparing a piece of crystal for the process of etching, personalizing, and shipping involves many separate steps and is quite labor-intensive. The process begins in the hands of skilled artists and technicians who prepare an award for the etching process with meticulous care. 

Many people assume that technological robots craft an etched crystal award using some sort of sophisticated computer program. They are surprised to learn that each and every award made by Crystal D is etched by hand, one at a time. The process of etching requires precision and speed; our etching professionals are artists as well as skillful technicians. Our Head Master Blaster absolutely loves his work and imagines just what it will feel like for the recipient to receive their award as he etches our crystal awards. His dedication and love of recognition are transferred to each award one at a time, all day long, each and every day. The same is true of the experts who package our awards for distribution. The care they take is paramount.

Each year we handcraft, polish, and ship over 150,000 deep etch awards, one at a time. That means 150,000 people will receive an award that is handmade, hand-polished, and packaged by hand.

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