The best part of life is on the horizon

The Best Part of Life is on the Horizon

When you were a kid and thought of getting older, odds are you thought that you’d have life “together” by twenty-five. Together like, house, car, career, and love. After all, 25 years is a quarter of a century. But when I was 25 years old, I was newly married and working hard on our family farm. My first child was on her way. People said, “You are in the best part of your life.” But on a daily basis, it just felt like a lot of decisions and hard work. Nothing more. What I didn’t realize was that this part of life was just the tip of the iceberg. Just the first glimpse of what would become my life story from beginning to end. Making all those important decisions and working so hard was actually the “best part of life.”

Crystal D is now 25 years old, which is 9,125 days.

In that time, we have created and personalized 3,875,000 stunning crystal awards for deserving recipients. Our product line has grown from drinkware featured on a 20-page catalogette, to almost 300 pages of gorgeous crystal recognition awards. Even with all these accomplishments, we feel as if we are newbies standing on the horizon of the “best part of life.”

Much like in my own personal life, that past quarter of a century has given Crystal D wisdom in some areas. For example, we know our purpose, we’ve nailed down our company culture, and we have crushed the recognition industry with killer award designs.

And still, we have areas to grow up and into. Our area of growth lies in relationships. Striking up new relationships, nurturing existing relationships, gaining wisdom from people who know more than we do, and teaching others what we already know. Tending to relationships never ends and always leaves room for improvement.

We have done some praiseworthy work, but our journey is only really beginning. Our company is on the brink of greatness – rising just high enough to stand at the horizon and embrace the “best part of life.”

I believe the next 25 years will be even better. This is our chance to create even more memories and bring “The WOW Effect”™ to life for more and more people every year. I am grateful to be able to embrace that and appreciate it as it unfolds.

Here’s to the next quarter of a century.


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