Case study: Cool beans, cool awards

No celebration is complete without a sweet treat! So, when a major candy company wanted to recognize employees with special awards, we helped unwrap some fun ideas.

The winning design was both eye catching and mouthwatering: Optically clear crystal that showcases the company’s signature product — a rainbow of colorful jellybeans in an array of fun flavors.

One of the pieces from Crystal D’s Encapsulate™ Gallery the award features a hollow cylinder that can be filled with just about anything that will fit (except for liquids).

We’ve seen other customers select this piece to fit a wide variety of unique themes: recognizing safety with earplugs, celebrating groundbreakings with rocks, applauding agriculture with corn, and many more. You can even add a lighted base to make it really pop!

Don’t worry: If at any time the winners from the candy company start feeling snacky, they can flip over their crystal Encapsulate award, open the plug and sneak a few nibbles!

A menu of options
Items from the Encapsulate gallery can be personalized and customized with even more fun features, including:

  • Deep Etch
  • 3D Subsurface
  • Illumachrome™
  • Colorfill

To learn more about Encapsulate awards or get other creative ideas to share with your customers, contact us!

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