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Give Your Executives the Gift of Crystal!

Keeping top talent is hard. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing your business. And the executives at your company have worked hard to get where they are. So what happens when you don’t show your appreciation?

They leave.

When they leave, you lose your leaders and their creativity. You lose decision-makers who guide your company toward success.

What can you do to motivate them, strengthen your relationship with them, and create memories?

Reward them! And crystal is an incredible gift to give.

What kind of crystal? We have plenty of ideas! Take a look!

Desktop Items
A desktop item, such as a tablet holder or a business card holder, is a useful reminder of your gratitude. A bank gave their top account executives the Kelsey Card Holder for their business cards. It was an eye-catching gift that became a topic of conversation. Another company gave their executives and managers the Tablet Holder. This spectacular gift was nothing like they had ever received before. The execs use the holder every day.

Traditional Gifts
Clocks and vases have always been traditional corporate gifts. They never go out of style, and people love them. A marketing firm thanked their executives for their service with the Executive Clock. The mix of the modern curve and the traditional analog clock face make this gift a showstopper. Meanwhile, an IT company rewarded their executives with the glamorous Cobalt Oval Vase. This charming vase is a symbol of the execs’ continued dedication to enhancing corporate programs. This deep blue vase is a traditional gift but has a colorful twist.

Giving an executive a crystal gift is a thoughtful way to encourage continued growth and dedication to your company. Motivate your executives with a flawless crystal gift, and you will create a lasting memory for them that could fuel their fire for years to come.

Need more ideas? Drop us a line! We’re happy to help.

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