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#ChuckSaid – Make It an Easy Sale; Sell Value

As a dealer, you know it is much easier to work with a customer who wants to buy than one that needs to be ‘sold.’  When your customer wants to buy, the selling process is easier, faster, and less stressful. However, when a customer needs to be ‘sold,’ your job gets harder. You wonder, “When and how I am going to close this sale?”

You can avoid this tenuous situation by leading with value and following up with product features.

Value, as defined by Jeffery Gitomer, sales expert, is the balance between what the customer perceives compared to what the product can actually offer. Gitomer says you can eliminate the need to close a sale by offering value first.

Value Proposition

Telling your customer what your company stands for, what your capabilities are, and about your partners is a great place to start this discussion. Ultimately, you are giving your client peace of mind and the sense that you have their needs at heart. This conversation will dovetail perfectly into the next step of the process – when you talk about what you can personally provide.

Customers want to hear about product features, but first, they want to know about you. You should be their helper, not a walking sales pitch. They will find comfort based on how easily they can get ahold of you, how well your product suggestions fit their need, and how well you communicate. Give them no reason to doubt you by being reliable.

Then move to the product and its value.

In the case of selling Crystal D awards, it is easy to find the value. Awards exist to remind the recipient of their special milestone long after the recognition occasion is over. The award acts as a constant reminder of the winner’s accomplishment.

The industry needs people who are willing to deliver value as well as product. Corporate buyers want dealers that they can trust. You can be that person. But it all starts with value. This eliminates the need to close the sale and puts the desire to buy in the hands of your customer.

In the end, it is up to you to provide value to your customers while our Solutions Specialists are available to help you grow your award sales. Please contact us if you would like to talk more about our awards.

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