Honoring Crystal D’s Q4 2023 WOW Champs

Crystal D isn’t just a company that produces awards and gifts for others — we also practice recognition and appreciation with our own employees. We have a variety of programs in place to highlight our Memory Makers for the ways they contribute, carry themselves and serve our customers.  

With this, each quarter we honor five employees who were nominated by their peers for living out our Core Values on a daily basis. Congratulations to the WOW Champs for the last quarter of 2023, as announced this week! Here’s who they are and what was shared about them.

Molly C. — Accounting

Core Value: Integrity — “I do what I say I will do.” 
“If Molly says she will take care of it, I don’t worry about it again. I know it will be the first thing she does. When she promises our customers anything, she will make sure it happens so they can rest easy knowing she has followed through.” 




Grace K. — Production  

Core Value: Quality — “I have the unyielding persistence to improve.” 
“Grace is always hardworking. She does not slack off and always puts the best interest of the company first. Crystal D benefits from Grace as a Memory Maker because she never gives up. And once she gets a clear method or process, she is unstoppable in her ability to give her best.” 




Laurie F. — Customer Service  

Core Value: Respect — “I treat others the way I want to be treated.” 
“I love to listen to the way Laurie speaks to our customers. I cannot tell from her end of the call what the customer’s demeanor is, but she is always calm, affirming and kind. When she is speaking with her fellow Memory Makers, she is funny, a little sarcastic (love it!), and just kind and genuine.”  



Kayla G. — HR  

Core Value: Commitment — “I am committed to the ongoing viability of the company.”  
“Kayla takes sincere joy in watching new hires become Memory Makers. She works tirelessly to support the values and core purpose of our company to the best of her ability, often working outside of normal business hours and on the weekend. Kayla processes decisions and situations with the long-term good of the company at the center. She is calm, thoughtful and analytical and her insights provide value and wisdom to our company.”   



Kip R. — IT  

Core Value: Passion — “I have the burning desire to achieve, in all I do.” 
“I had a 30-min meet-and-greet meeting with Kip … I ended up sitting there for over an hour. Kip was extremely knowledgeable about our website, but even more so he was a digital industry expert. I expected to spend our time chatting about websites. Instead, we spent our hour digging into display advertising, user experience studies, UX designs and geeking-out over digital e-commerce. Kip’s skillset … will enable us to better position ourselves to drive efficient traffic and sales through the website.”  


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