How to Present Employee Service Awards

Employee service awards are designed to recognize a deserving employee for years of service and/or dedication to the job. This type of corporate award is common in most businesses and has many benefits. However, business owners and managers hesitate to use employee service awards to their advantage because they don’t know what to say to their deserving employee. In fact, the number one reason why managers don’t recognize their employees is because they don’t know what to say!

The good news is that it is very easy to figure out what to say to an employee during an awards presentation. Managers and business owners should not let this stop them from presenting employee service awards.

Bob Nelson is one of the first individuals to research how to present a recognition award. He recommends a few very simple steps outlining what to say in his book, The 1001 Rewards and Recognition Fieldbook.

First, choose the person who should present the award to the employee. This person should be the highest ranking manager that works directly with the employee.  This person should be relatively comfortable talking to groups and be very enthusiastic by nature.

Next, have your presenter outline what they will say during the award presentation. Follow these four simple steps:

  • I saw what you did…
  • I appreciate it because…
  • Here’s why it’s important…
  • Here’s how it makes me feel…

When you sincerely acknowledge the hard work and effort that your employees put forth, your business will benefit. The most common benefits include an increase in employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Since your employees know that what they do truly matters to you, they will naturally try harder and work faster. Employees who work directly with customers will provide better service to their customers. Employees who work on a production line will increase efficiency and put more widgets through to the shipping department.

Making an employee service awards presentation is fun and uplifting! It can build your corporate culture and benefit the bottom-line, too. Now that you know just what to say, success is sitting on your doorstep. Start recognizing your employees today!

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