50 Out of the Box Ideas for Selling Crystal Prints

With the continual upgrades to the smartphone, more and more people are embracing photography. 1.2 trillion photos are posted to social platforms each day, creating vast amounts of visual data stored on mobile devices. Compare that to the 80 billion photos taken by traditional cameras almost 20 years ago. Technology has made it easier for people to take photos and print them without sacrificing quality.

Enter a new product from Crystal D — IllumaPix™ Crystal Prints. It is the perfect solution for creating custom prints for any industry. IllumaPix™ is a popular choice for appreciation gifts, employee recognition, wall art, signage, and more!

Here are a few features that make IllumaPix™ a top choice for your customers:

  • Made with extra thick crystal
  • Frame-free with beveled edges for a clean design
  • High-quality imprint using your photo
  • Comes in a variety of shapes and styles
  • Easily hang your print on a wall – anchor and screw included!
  • Sturdy, leatherette easel to display vertically or horizontally
  • Arrives in a black gift box with optional imprinting
  • Standard production: 6-8 business days

Not sure how to promote this trendy new product? Read ahead for 50 “out of the box” ideas that sell themselves.

Give Your Internal Branding & Employee Retention a Boost

IllumaPix RectangleWith the onset of stay-at-home workers, new hires, and job transitions, it’s important to encourage employee morale. Employees encounter fewer face-to-face experiences in the workplace, so it’s key to meet those challenges with creative and heartfelt exchanges. Appreciating your employees doesn’t have to be complicated. Acknowledge new employees, celebrate sales goals, honor years of service, and recognize those that go the extra mile with gifts that include a personal touch.

One idea that doesn’t get enough attention is an onboarding kit. Send a new employee a “Welcome to the Team” gift box that includes company swag and a welcome gift. A photo of the company or the team printed on IllumaPix™ Crystal Prints can be a memorable gift. Imprint the gift box with a personal message or the recipient’s name and title to make it a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Improve retention with these ideas:

  • Employee of the Month
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Recognition
  • Company Messaging
  • Teamwork Graphic
  • Core Value & Mission Statement
  • Internal Campaigns
  • Company Logo & Branding
  • Safety Awards
  • Service Awards

Add Personality to Your Company and Product Signage

Every industry has its own messaging and tone, whether branding throughout the building or selling products and services. A spa might need to remind customers of the need for quiet during a session while still capturing a still and relaxed mood. A pharmacy might notify the public of social distancing rules while waiting in line. Signage for washing hands, social distancing, and wearing masks continues across the board.

Creatively show almost any message with IllumaPix™ crystal prints. Custom messaging can include:

  • Safety & Warning Signs
  • Lobby Signage
  • Property Maps & Notices
  • Occupancy Signs
  • Point of Sale Signs
  • Menu or Price List
  • Social Distancing Display
  • Health Diagrams
  • Salon Signage

Shake Up the Ordinary with Creative Marketing

IllumaPix MagnetFind innovative ways to market your brand. Get creative! Design IllumaPix™ Crystal Prints for a web promotion that displays a QR code customers scan on their phones. The code sends them directly to a website URL with a coupon or promotion. Another idea for a marketing promotion is to lead customers to sign up for an event, join an email list, request a testimonial, or follow a company on social media.

Don’t forget about one of the fastest-growing trends: kitting. Since we are facing more and more virtual events and meetings, companies need to pivot to meet the needs of a changing world. Kitting products can include motivational quotes, positive imagery, and trendy platitudes on IllumaPix™ Magnets or IllumaPix™ Square crystal prints. Besides virtual events, kitting can be a great way to appreciate a vendor, celebrate a holiday, or win back a customer. Kitting was used often during the pandemic to keep people connected. It’s also a trend-setting tool that encourages people to discuss your brand on social media.

IllumaPix™ crystal prints are an excellent option for:

  • Gifts for Vendors
  • Showroom Display
  • Weekly or Monthly Observances
  • Showcase new products
  • Kitting & Corporate Gifting
  • QR Codes for Web Promotion
  • Scan Codes for Music Download
  • Season Ticket Holder Gift
  • Sponsorship for Tournaments
  • Company Social Profiles
  • Pre-mailer invite
  • Tradeshow Signage

Give Them Something to Talk About

IllumaPix Freestanding RectangleAs a company grows, it’ll encounter many “firsts.” One big event is the purchase of a new building. Display images of the company’s new construction or architecture. A gallery wall can include a place of honor for everything the business stands for without breaking the bank. Visual reminders can be far-reaching from leadership to employees to vendors and buyers. IllumaPix™ is useful for all kinds of achievements and celebratory events.

Recently, Sara Blakely, the founder of the shapewear company Spanx, sold her company for $1.2 billion. In celebration, each employee was given two tickets to any location of their choice plus a whopping $10,000 in spending money. The celebration resulted in tearful but ecstatic employees that posted their big win on Instagram and Facebook. Not only did the employees speak highly of the gesture, but raving Spanx fans cheered the company and spread the news across various social media channels.

There’s always something to celebrate as a business – industry awards, safety awards, sales goals, best customer service, volunteering, work anniversaries, and more. Achievements big and small can make a visual impact using frame-free crystal prints and some creativity. Everyone involved will hold a piece of the company history and feel included in the process.

Some other ideas include:

  • New Building / Architecture
  • IPO
  • Incentive Trips
  • Appreciation Gifts
  • Volunteer Gifts & Awards
  • Gifts to Designers
  • Event Gifts & Giveaways
  • Newspaper Reviews / Stories
  • Dealer of the Year
  • Teacher Gifts
  • New Drug Launch
  • Deal Toys
  • Sports Team Photo Packages

Say Hello to Modern with Crystal Prints

IllumaPix SquareDon’t forget about artwork, illustrations, and motivational quotes. Think about creating an employee photo wall, displaying your best product images, or using points of interest to woo your visitors. Companies with a more relaxed mood might create serene prints, while corporate offices might go with more colorful and bold cityscapes.

An orthodontist that went to school in Hawaii decided to decorate his Minnesota office. He used images of Honolulu in black and white with a pop of green. The décor set a calming mood for his patients and brightened up his office, especially during the winter months.

Other ways to update your décor can include:

  • Artist Illustrations
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Nature & Outdoor Art
  • Zen or Calming Photos
  • Gallery Wall
  • Office Artwork

Grab those photos and head over to Crystal D’s website to see our one-of-a-kind IllumaPix line and view our Ideas Gallery. Explore the variety of shapes and sizes that will excite and interest your customers. We can’t wait to see your ideas brought to life!

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