Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Whether it was a class project or sports, from the moment you started school, you’ve likely been on some type of team. If you were anything like me, you remember all the feelings you had when your team won or when your project was a success. You and your team work hard, you make sure everything is perfect. You perform for judges or make your presentation to your class, and then you wait. And when your team’s name is called, you are ecstatic. The amount of energy and excitement gets pretty intense.

That feeling is something everyone wants to feel. That excitement and gratitude fills every part of you. Because teamwork makes the dream work, right?

The workplace is no different.

Teams rely on each other and build trust. They’re hit with obstacles and work together to overcome them. They combine their skills and talents to put out the best possible product or sales pitch or campaign. Your teams are putting their heart and soul into their work. They are agonizing over every detail, no matter how small, because everything has to be just right.

And just like that — POOF! — it’s done.

Over in an instant.

Your teams spend weeks or months on projects, only to have them end in a snap. Often times, these projects end without so much as a “thank you” or a “good job.”

I’ve seen it happen to great people who work their tails off. They put everything into their projects and get little to no recognition for all of their hard work.

What if you could give your corporate teams that same feeling you felt as a kid when you won an award? What if you could change the culture around recognizing teamwork at your company? Luckily for you, you can, and I’m here to tell you how!

Recognize your teams with a teamwork award!

What’s a teamwork award? Simple! It’s an award you give your team in recognition of a job well done on a project. Here are just a couple of the teamwork awards we’ve produced at Crystal D.

Engineering Teamwork
A transportation association opened up recognition nominations to association members in several categories, including teamwork. After receiving hundreds of nominations, they began to do their research to reward the best example of teamwork that year. The association ultimately chose to reward an engineering company who partnered with an association member to build an incredible state-of-the-art train station.

They chose the Lamar Award to honor each person who worked on the project as well as the company’s c-suites. The association wanted to decorate the award differently than they had in the past, so our Solutions Specialist recommended a subsurface imprint. The results were breathtaking, with the word “teamwork,”

the association logo,

the company name,

and the award name in 2D.

To add even more dimension, they added construction equipment recreated in 3D above the word “teamwork.” The recipients were in awe, and they were truly appreciative of the awards.

Lamar Award

Technology Teamwork
My favorite teamwork award we’ve created is a combination of two awards. A team of four worked for a year and a half on a multi-million dollar project for a tech company. They spent every hour of each weekday working on this project, and occasionally, they met on weekends to ensure the project met its deadline.

In appreciation for the countless hours and personal sacrifices this team made, the company presented the team with the Teamwork Award. Four crystal figures standing on a black glass base reach toward the middle of this award, symbolizing the unity of the team’s accomplishment. This award stands proudly in the lobby of the company.

Teamwork Award

What truly made this a recognition experience for each team member was an individual Teamwork Figure. Each figure had the individual’s name deep etched, and they proudly displayed the award on their desktops.
Teamwork Figure


These are just two examples of ways to reward corporate teamwork. Are you ready to take the leap and honor your teams? I know our Solutions Specialists are eager to help you create the perfect award for your hard-working team. Contact them today!

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