Ann - Virtual Production Artist

Ann, Virtual Production Artist

My name is Ann, and I am the Virtual Production Artist and New Product Development Specialist.

I have been with Crystal D for over 10 years, and I have held a few different positions. I started in the art department as a production artist for five years before I moved up to the art manager position which I held for three years. I moved into the New Product Development role in 2017 and added the Virtual Production Artist role in 2018.

I love spending time in nature. I go camping, fishing, kayaking, and spending a ton of time outside. I also love to travel, and I really enjoy crafting and sewing. During the State Fair, my family owns and runs a couple of stands, so you can find me there helping out as well.

Something Surprising: My family fostered two baby raccoons when I was a kid. I've also been to almost every state in the United States.

Recognition Stats:

  • Respect Value Champion: 2011
  • Grand Value Champion: 2014
  • Quality WOW Champion: 2011 1st Quarter, 2013 3rd Quarter, 2018 2nd Quarter
  • Respect WOW Champion: 2010 2nd Quarter
  • Step Up: 2012

Favorite Award: My favorite award is the Halifax Indigo Award. I like how the top panels interact with each other and also how the blue catches your eye in the middle. I also designed this award, so I really love it.