Celebrating the ones who help celebrate others!

    WOW Day 2024 is in the books and our cheeks still ache from the smiles and laughter!


    What’s WOW Day? It’s exactly what it sounds like: an entire day devoted to providing “The WOW Effect” to our employees. Crystal D sets aside this time every year as a recognition event for our Memory Makers — who they are as unique individuals, as well as how each person brings memories to life for the millions of customers we hand-craft awards for.


    It’s not a time for numbers or financials. It’s all about having fun and expressing meaningful appreciation of the people who work to celebrate people. And it’s the culmination of our year-round, frequent, and meaningful recognition program. Authentic appreciation is at the forefront of everything we do and all that we are!


    At this year’s WOW Day, we heard keynote speakers reminding us of the positive impact we have on the world. We bowled under neon lighting. We danced! And we revealed a new class of Value Champions, a Grand Value Champion, and many more deserving award winners.


    What began years ago as a short meeting with lots of graphs, has morphed into a celebration of the people that make our company what it is today and what it will be in the future.


    We are set to GLOW ALL OUT!




    And, finally: CONGRATULATIONS to all the Memory Makers for a wonderful year! Special shout-out to our big winners at WOW Day 2024!

    A day for dads! 

    This week, as we prepare to honor the dads and all the other father figures in our lives, we wanted to take a moment to get to know one of our newest Memory Makers, CJ, who joined the company earlier this year.  

    Darci, Baylee, Ayrica and CJ


    What is your role at Crystal D? I am the Vice President of Sales at Crystal D. 

    Who is in your family and what do you enjoy doing together? I have a wonderful wife, Darci, with whom I’ve been married for 26 years, and we have two amazing daughters, Ayrica and Baylee. As a family, we love taking road trips together, exploring new places and creating lasting memories. 


    How does Crystal D support your work-life balance as a father? Crystal D is incredibly supportive of work-life balance. They understand the importance of family and provide the flexibility needed to attend important family events and spend quality time with loved ones. This support allows me to be present both at work and at home. 


    What’s the funniest thing one of your kids has done? One of the funniest moments was when my daughter Baylee, during a cancer benefit for my wife, announced to an auditorium full of people that “my mom’s oncologist is her hair stylist.” It was a light-hearted moment that brought smiles, tears, and laughter to everyone in attendance. 

    Who do you hope to emulate as a father? Who inspires you?  I hope to emulate my own father, who was a pillar of strength, kindness, patience and wisdom. His ability to balance work and family while always being there for us is something I deeply admire and strive to achieve. Additionally, I am inspired by fathers who show up and provide unwavering dedication and love to their families every day. 


    What would you like to say to other dads on Father’s Day? To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day! Cherish every moment with your children, be present, and make the most of every opportunity to create lasting memories. Your love, support, and guidance make a world of difference in their lives. 

    Crystal D BBQ: A ‘wheely’ good time!

    Every year, Crystal D employees take time out for an all-company BBQ where we celebrate springtime, share laughter, and take part in some seriously cool competition. Here’s a peek behind the scenes of our Mario Kart-themed bash — complete with team-designed box cars and a relay race! 

    (Think we sound like a fun and rewarding place to work? We are. Check out our Careers page for the inside track on hiring opportunities and see if you’d like to make the move to Crystal D.)

    10 affordable engraved crystal gifts under $75

    When a recipient opens up a gift box, their excitement is swiftly met with either delight or disappointment. Make sure every kit lives up to the anticipation by including a customized crystal gift that reflects how much the person is valued (yet also stays within budget)!

    While Crystal D has thousands of items that make stunning choices to include in kits, we’ve scoped out 10 of our favorites priced under $75. They’re unique, fun, functional and just plain cool. Add an image, logo or text to customize it with your branding or add personalized flair, and you’ll be creating a permanent reminder of the meaningful appreciation or recognition behind it.


    Bottle cap paperweight – There’s something satisfying about this oversized crystal bottle cap that makes you want to say “ahhhh!” It’s a quirky keepsake that pairs perfectly with thank-you kits for beer competition judges, party favors at a brewers’ convention, or even groomsman gifts.




    Wine stoppers – White or red? Riesling or Merlot? How about both? We’ve got you covered, whether the theme is “winning wines,” “aged to perfection” or “festival favorites.” Personalize with initials or commemorate with a special date.




    Denton ellipse – Some see a fruit while others see a football. We just see possibilities! This sleek piece really stands out, either standing up or laying down, and is a fresh way to boldly display statements and sentiments.




    Slant heart paperweight – You won’t miss a beat with this timeless shape that makes a versatile choice for wedding favors, blood drive donors, charity supporters, or any way you choose to show a little extra love and appreciation!  




    Notepad holder – Jot this one down! It’s not just a parking lot for paper. It’s a place to remind people to take note of how much they’re appreciated. Engrave with their name, an inspirational quote or a funny quip.




    Jade card holder – A stylish way to keep business cards handy … or sticky notes, or reading glasses, or packs of gum … anything that needs a home to help keep a workspace neat and tidy.




    Continental globe – There’s a world of ways this globe can be incorporated into a kit, like aviation-themed packages for frequent flyers, corporate incentive travel gifts, or travel agent appreciation. It can also remind people of their organization’s global impact or ambition.   




    Apple paperweight – An apple in a kit is a really big hit! There’s something about a real thing crafted out of crystal that makes everyone reach for it. We love this iconic fruit-inspired piece for teacher appreciation, but it’s also a perfect fit for highlighting grocers and markets, as well as doctor’s offices (“an apple a day ….”).




    Galileo thermometer – This conversation piece puts the “fun” in “functional.” It features colorful glass balls with gold tags corresponding to various Fahrenheit degrees, and the lowest floating ball indicates the approximate room temperature. Adding a logo or special message further enhances it as a beautiful statement piece that’s also one of the hottest and most-searched-for items on our website.



    Superstar award – Recognizing people for standing out among the crowd is easy with this eye-catching award! People are sure to gaze at the star after they receive it — reinforcing their positive contributions and providing a spark of joy wherever they proudly display it.




    These pieces ship out just six to eight days after art approval! Check out more of our gifts and awards under $75 here.

    Our Memory Makers make us say WOW!

    Crystal D isn’t just a company that produces awards and gifts for others — we also practice recognition and appreciation with our own employees, who we call Memory Makers. We have a variety of programs in place to highlight people for the ways they contribute, carry themselves and serve our customers.  

    Every quarter we spotlight five Memory Makers nominated by their peers for living out our Core Values on a daily basis. Congratulations to the WOW Champs for the second quarter of 2024, as announced this week! Here’s who they are and what was shared about them.

    Jorge H. — Production

    Core Value: Integrity — “I do what I say I will do.” 
    “Jorge has, time and time, again proven to be reliable when it comes to tasks given. Whether it’s an order that needs to be handled quickly or an award that needs to be buffed, he is quick to accept the challenge and does so without complaint.”



    Richard D. — Production  

    Core Value: Quality — “I have the unyielding persistence to improve.” 
    “Recently Richard has come across a few changes that were made in Production. He has a keen eye for detail that ensures the highest standards for our customers, internal or external. He comes to works efficiently in whichever area he is in. His quality and standards are top notch when etching or taping, with no questioning if something is passable or not. He just does, and gets the job done.” 


    Heather W. — Office  

    Core Value: Commitment — “I am committed to the ongoing viability of the company.”  
    “Heather always goes above and beyond her normal duties, by helping out everyone with anything and everything that comes her way. She is dedicated, persistent, and takes pride in everything she does for our Memory Makers. She acts in the best interest of the company,  and is a good steward of company resources.”


    Carnell T. — Production

    Core Value: Respect — “I treat others the way I want to be treated.” 
    “Carnell has a smile, laugh, and joke for everyone all the time. He is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet and will carry on inside jokes forever, even if he barely knows you. If you’re ever having a bad day, a single encounter with him is bound to boost your mood. While he’s making you smile and laugh, he’s still able to get all of his work done and help others with theirs.”


    Michael X. — Production  

    Core Value: Passion — “I have the burning desire to achieve, in all I do.” 
    “Michael is passionate about everything Crystal D, from making sure every colorfill piece leaves perfectly, to striving to lead his team to victory for [the company’s] Values Week. He communicates his needs openly to make sure that everything gets done correctly and in a timely manner, and maintains a very positive attitude no matter how stressful a day gets.”

    Making memories as a mom: Meet Ann

    This week, as we celebrate the women in our lives who fulfill the title of Mom, we wanted to take a moment to share about one of our Memory Makers who shines in both her roles. Ann joined Crystal D in 2009 and has welcomed two girls since then.  

    What is your role at Crystal D? I am a graphic designer, and my role includes working on new product design, creating virtual art (where we show customers how their artwork will look on our awards) and doing graphics for our internal company events.  

    Who is in your family and what do you enjoy doing together? My husband, Weston, and I have been together for 21 years, and our daughters are Calla (4) and Ellie (2). We love spending time outside, up north, with family; playing games; making crafts; laughing and just being silly.  

    Ann, Calla, Ellie and Weston

    How does Crystal D support your work-life balance as a mother? 
    Crystal D has been super flexible and has done a wonderful job helping me balance work and family. I have worked closely with my managers and design partner to communicate and adjust when needed. As my time with Crystal D has grown and my family has grown, we have always been able to adapt and find a way to make sure everyone wins. I am always willing to hop in and work, and my team always has my back if something comes up. “Take care of your family” is a common statement in our department. 

    What’s the funniest thing one of your kids has done? 
    Calla figured out very early on that her dad likes to tease and tell jokes. Her first and favorite joke is, “What do you call a bear with no teeth?” The punch line, which she tells while folding her lips over her teeth, is “GUMMY BEAR!” 

    Her giggles make us laugh every time. Calla also quickly picked up on tones of voice, and one day when Weston was teasing me, she burst into the room and said, “Daddy, stop teasing Mommy!” This lil’ 4-year-old had my back! Now, she reminds us on a regular basis that “Mommy is the boss!” and that she is on my team! 

    Who do you hope to emulate as a mother? Who inspires you?  
    My mom was a third-grade teacher for 30 years and loved to interact with kids. She had some of the best “tricks” for helping kids learn and grow, and she taught me to “encourage the good” (behaviors), that tone is important, that follow-through is key — and to make things fun. One of my favorite “tricks” is giving kids options. 

    For example, if the kids are not listening, give them a choice: “Would you rather pick up the toys and stay up 15 more minutes (which is the normal routine), or go to bed now (the punishment for not listening)?” The goal is to allow them to make a good choice themselves and avoid escalation. 

    What would you like to say to other moms on Mother’s Day? 
    Take a moment to enjoy what you have – the kids, the family, the little moments, and the laughter. 

    Survey says: Customers recommend Crystal D to others

    What’s the first thing you do when you need something and aren’t sure where to go? Often, you ask friends or family for recommendations. This kind of word-of-mouth advice provides confidence and assurance that you’ll also have a positive experience. That’s why we are honored when people recommend us.   

    More than 200 of our customers participated in our most recent Voice of the Customer survey, and this was one of the reoccurring themes within their feedback. We take these endorsements — and our reputation for providing the highest quality customer service and awards — seriously.  

    Here are a few examples of what customers shared.  

    • “I always tell my coworkers to look at Crystal D first. From brainstorming ideas all the way to the client getting the items, the follow-through is truly better than any supplier I’ve ever dealt with.”
    • “Your customer service and attention to detail and product quality is why I would recommend Crystal D without hesitation.”     
    • “I would offer Crystal D as one of the first choices of where to look if [someone is] searching for awards for a client/customer. I would also remind them of their reliability if time or in-stock product is important.” 
    • “I would share [with others] that Crystal D is VERY personable yet professional! They are very efficient in EVERY aspect of their business, and I have NEVER been disappointed by the company or the personnel at Crystal D!”

    • “Crystal D makes your job easier. From order processing, proactive communication and product quality, you can count on them.”


    We are grateful to earn these recommendations. For assistance with product selection, customization ideas, questions and quotes, contact us at (800) 544-1131 or email sales@crystal-d.com.   

    Our standard award production time is faster than you think!

    Customers love having the ability to track their orders throughout the entire process!

    You’re probably up to speed on our Quick Ship Awards, which are eligible for standard imprint processes and are on their way to customers 1 to 2 days after art approval. But did you know how swiftly customers can get our fully customized pieces?

    We’re proud of our industry-leading standard production time, where orders ship out of our company headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, just six to eight days after the art is approved! When you choose an award that falls under our standard production time, you also get your choice of any number of our customization options!

    The fast and the fabulous
    The process is efficient, but we never cut corners.

    We guarantee simple pricing and easy ordering, and you can count on free setups and free personalizations — along with free art proofs and virtuals to ensure your order is exactly what you envisioned.

    You can also trust that every piece from Crystal D is designed and produced by our artisans with meticulous attention to detail, then carefully packaged in a beautiful and protective gift box.

    All along the way, customers love having access to 24/7 online order tracking. They always know exactly where things are at, including when a piece is being etched, washed or packaged!

    See what we can do for you, with your choice of any number of our customization options, in just six to eight days! Contact us at (800) 544-1131 or email sales@crystal-d.com.   

    Capture attention with frame-free crystal prints

    There’s something missing in the latest trends around photographs, plaques and signs: frames. Instead, attention is turning to modern, clean, frame-free crystal prints. Let’s zoom in on this eye-catching option. 

    With Crystal D’s IllumaPix™ line, images are imprinted directly onto stunning crystal. Each extra-thick yet lightweight piece can be fully customized with photography, text, branding, artwork or just about any other treatment of your choice. IllumaPix comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles (including magnets!) at price points to meet every budget. 

    IllumaPix high-quality crystal prints are crafted with precision, yet they ship out fast — just 6-8 business days after art approval — with each piece carefully packaged in a beautiful gift box. Installation is a cinch, too, as hardware is included for hanging on a wall, or you can use the leatherette easel for displaying on a surface. 

    IllumaPix ideas and impact 
    Crystal prints are showstoppers, no matter how they’re used! 

    • Gift kits, souvenirs, mementos or favors 
    • Company branding and messaging 
    • Office, lobby, meeting space and breakroom signage 
    • Achievements in business, sports, academics and the arts 
    • Groundbreakings, grand openings and de-commissioning 
    • Employee performance, appreciation or special contributions 
    • Restaurant menus and service offerings  
    • Decorative art and accents  
    • Personal gifts featuring special quotes, sentimental photos, vintage images and other keepsakes 

    Browse ourfull selectionby visitingCrystal-D.comand clicking IllumaPix under Awards. Remember, our Customer Solutions Specialistsare here to assist with product selection, customization ideas, questions and quotes.

    UMAPP 2024 Super Star Award presented to Crystal D account manager

    Crystal D Account Manager Tawauna Garner has been named a 2024 recipient of UMAPP’s Super Star Award.

    “I have never met a more positive person who will go above and beyond for her customers and coworkers,” said Cathy Klein, controller for Crystal D. “Tawauna is always upbeat and has a can-do attitude. She will keep working until she finds a positive solution for any issue.”

    In nominating Garner for the award, Klein said Garner’s customers and fellow Memory Makers adore her. Klein also noted the excitement Garner brings to her job every day.

    The Super Star Awards from the UMAPP trade association recognize industry professionals who have been nominated for going above and beyond expectations. UMAPP committee members review all submissions and select just three winners annually.

    Garner was presented with her award by UMAPP President Chris Babiash (pictured below) at a luncheon during this month’s UMAPP Road Show.

    “I am very honored to be recognized for my serving heart and can-do attitude,” Garner said. “It means so much to me to be nominated, and especially from Cathy, as she is such an amazing person and great role model.”

    Garner joined Crystal D in 2016 as an order entry specialist and transitioned to order manager three years later. In April 2022, she took on the role of account manager.

    “My favorite part of the job is being able to make a client’s vision come to life! I love the creative aspect,” Garner said. “And my favorite part of my day is when I have made someone else’s.”

    Crystal D Account Manager Tawauna Garner and UMAPP President Chris Babiash at the April 4 award presentation.