Becca Klotz, GVC

    2018 Grand Value Champion: Becca Klotz

    Hello readers! I’m here to introduce you to our 2018 Grand Value Champion! It’s incredibly important for us to recognize our employees at Crystal D. One way we do this is with our Value Champion program. Each quarter, our employees nominate their coworkers for living out our five core values and a quarterly WOW Champ for each value is selected by managers. At the end of the year, the managers review the nominations of each WOW Champ and ultimately pick the next Value Champion and Grand Value Champion. We recognized a new set of Value Champions (VCs) at WOW Day back in January. Continue reading…

    WOW Day 2019 – Let’s Celebrate!

    It’s that time of year again, folks! On January 25, we celebrated our 17th annual WOW Day. We held this year’s event in a theater with a Hollywood theme, so our Memory Makers strolled the red carpet and were peppered with movie quotes from our amazing emcee, Tim. The Dyamos knocked it out of the park on drums again this year, and we played a Crystal D-themed version of Clue. We had so much fun, but most importantly, we celebrated our amazing employees. Check out this year’s winners!

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    Crystal D Stories: Revamping a Community Service Award

    Our sales teams work with a variety of different distributors who have unique customers and unique stories. I sat down with Mike Pooler recently, and he told me a story about one distributor who was helping revamp a community service award.


    Solutions Rep: Mike Pooler

    End User: Minnesota Timberwolves

    Objective: Service: creative idea and thoughtful personalization

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    Supplier of the Year

    We’re the Distributor’s Choice Supplier of the Year for the Awards and Recognition Category!

    At the end of 2018, ASI made a call for nominations for Supplier of the Year in 50 different categories. We asked you to nominate us in the Awards and Recognition category, and you delivered! Because of the nominations you made and the searches you performed for our awards in ESP, we were named the Counselor Distributor’s Choice Supplier of the Year in the Awards and Recognition category!

    Your continued support pushed us to the head of the pack, and we’re so grateful! We always say how much we love our dealers. Because it’s true! Without you, we wouldn’t be the supplier you trust with your awards and gifts. We’ve heard from many of you about your experiences with Crystal D. Your kind words about our customer service team, our solutions specialists, and our business development team warm our hearts. Your gratitude towards our production team and warehouse team for getting your awards out the door and in your customers’ hands safely make us proud to be your partner. Continue reading…

    Brenda Peralta, SGR Customer Service Rep of the Year

    Meet Brenda, the SGR Customer Service Rep of the Year

    We’re starting 2019 with a bang! Each year, Supplier Global Resource, an ASI magazine, names one Customer Service Rep of the Year and one Supplier Sales Rep of the Year. They chose our Customer Service Specialist, Brenda Peralta, as their Customer Service Rep of the Year based on nominations from her customers!

    I had the chance to sit down with Brenda to talk about her big win and get to know a little more about her. I’m sure Brenda’s customers in the South would love to know a little more about the person they nominated for this award! Continue reading…

    Fourth Quarter WOW Champs

    Hello Fourth Quarter WOW Champs!

    Say hello to our last WOW Champs of 2018! On Wednesday, we announced our fourth quarter WOW Champs, and we’re excited to share the winners with you!

    Every quarter, five people are chosen as WOW Champs. These people are nominated by their peers for best representing one of our five core values. Once the nominations are all gathered up, managers meet to discuss who best embodies each value. Then at our company meeting, Chuck says a few words about each person and how they exemplified that value. Continue reading…

    Not-So-Scary Awards

    Daisy the Distributor and the Not-So-Scary Awards

    Daisy left the magical four-story building and started to make her way out of the forest because she needed to head to an appointment with one of her top clients. The meeting would be about the client’s new custom award project. Although she felt confident with Crystal D as her supplier of choice, she wasn’t confident about custom awards.

    “These always take SO long,” Daisy thought to herself. “And the process is incredibly complicated. But my client has to have something amazing. They need to feel ‘The WOW Effect’™ that Crystal D provides.”

    As Daisy made her way through the forest, it started getting dark. “This is not the way back to the city,” Daisy said out loud. Suddenly, a tree to her left burst into flames! She heard a cackle from within the forest, and a horrible, ugly witch came walking through the flames. Continue reading…

    Beat Discouragement

    How to Beat Discouragement at Work

    I’m sure you’ve seen it. Your typical happy employee comes into work with slumped shoulders and a forced smile on her face. You know instantly that something is wrong. The reasons why your typically stellar employee is feeling down today could be endless. Is it something from home or work? You may wonder, “How I can help this person?”

    Discouragement hits everyone from time to time. Although you can’t do much about what happens at home, you can take proactive steps to prevent discouragement at work.

    Today I will share the four ways we head off discouragement at Crystal D. First, we know our “why.” Second, we automate as many processes as possible. Third, we keep learning, and last we celebrate – big time.

    We have used each of these strategies to propel us forward with positivity and make it harder for discouragement to set in at work. Continue reading…

    Liz PPB Service Superhero

    Meet Liz, Our PPB Service Superhero!

    It’s an exciting day at Crystal D because one of our own has won an industry award! Our solutions specialist Liz was named one of PPB’s 2018 Service Superheroes. This award was given to only 14 people across the promotional products industry this year.

    I had the chance to sit down with Liz. We talked about her big win, and I got to know her a little more. I’m sure the folks in the Northeast and in Washington, the two areas Liz takes care of, would love to learn more about their superhero! Continue reading…