I Can't Sell Awards Because They're Too Expensive

    I Can’t Sell Awards Because…They Are Too Expensive

    To me, inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap. It means less than $75. And lucky for you, Crystal D offers a bunch of awards and gifts that fit into this category that you will love! In fact, we have 175 awards and gifts that are less than $75. Stick with me for a few minutes, and I will shatter the presumption that Crystal D sells only high-end awards and that you can’t sell awards because they are too expensive. Continue reading…

    Awards vs Apparel

    #ChuckSaid Awards and Apparel

    A first-time customer stopped by my office last week. She is an industry veteran and one of the top salespeople in her organization. She told me that she just started selling awards. Astonished, I had to ask her why she had waited so long. She said, “Chuck, I thought awards were just too hard to sell. Boy, was I wrong.”

    Over the years, many distributors have told me the exact same thing! Once you give it a shot, you’ll realize that selling awards is not hard, just different.

    I want to debunk the myths that surround award sales by comparing award sales to the largest product segment in our industry – apparel. These myths are:

    • It is hard to make money selling awards; I can make more money selling apparel
    • My clients don’t ask for awards
    • There must be a lot of competition selling awards
    • Award sales are too time-consuming

    Continue reading…

    Your Company's Leaders, The Cherry on Top

    Honor Incredible Leadership with a Crystal Award

    A leader creates a vision for the future, motivates and inspires, and builds a team. They solve problems, look forward, and have a “not good enough” attitude. Peers look up to them and come to them for guidance and advice. Leaders deserve an award that makes them feel that they are truly a valued member of the team and should be rewarded for their continued dedication.

    In a way, leaders are the best part of a delicious ice cream sundae. The company is the ice cream – a great base and wonderful all on its own. The employees are the toppings like whipped cream and chocolate and caramel – the things that make it better. And leaders are the cherry on top. They make the sundae perfect with their attitude, abilities, and impact on the company.

    What types of leadership activities are worthy of recognition? And what kinds of awards can you give? Here are a few awards that we’ve created to recognize different leaders in an organization. Continue reading…

    Counter Cyclical Sales

    #ChuckSaid: Counter Cyclical Sales

    When I ask distributors “What it the best time of year to make money?” without hesitation, they usually answer, “Third and fourth quarter.” This is the time of year that most distributors think of as their “cash cow months.” Product moves and sales boom.

    Then January hits and distributors take a collective deep breath, thankful to have survived another stressful busy season. But why?

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the boom didn’t stop just because the ball drops every New Years Eve? What if your business could continue booming all the way through the first and second quarter? Wouldn’t it be great if your “cash cow months” kept mooing?

    If continuing to make money during the traditional slow season sounds good to you, stick with me. You’ll be glad you did. Continue reading…

    Top Dealership Award

    Top Dealership Award – A Showstopper

    Sometimes dealers call us and they’re totally stumped. They have no idea where to start in designing or selecting or decorating an award. When customers are at a standstill, our most seasoned Solutions Specialists step in to provide ideas. They help get the wheel of ideas turning to create momentum and help the dealer serve their customer.

    We create some of our most remarkable awards this way. We start with next to nothing and then develop an idea into a tangible product with a personalized decoration. And we get really excited about the opportunity to assist with a project at its moment of conception. Continue reading…

    First Quarter WOW Champs

    2018 First Quarter WOW Champs

    It’s that time again! I’m super excited to reveal our 2018 First Quarter WOW Champs. But first, what is a WOW Champ?

    Every quarter, managers choose five people to be our WOW Champs. Their peers nominate these people for best representing one of our five core values. Once the nominations are all gathered up, managers meet to discuss who best embodies each value. Then at our company meeting, Chuck says a few words about each person and how they exemplified that value. Continue reading…

    I Can't Sell Awards Because...I Will Screw It Up Somehow

    I Can’t Sell Awards Because…I Will Screw It Up Somehow

    Burnt Toast Will Not Ruin a Chef’s Career
    Have you burnt your toast recently? We’ve all been there. Thankfully the disappointment only lasts a second as you stuff more bread into the toaster and turn the temperature dial down. Burnt toast is an annoying inconvenience but not a deal-breaker. In fact, many people who burn toast become successful chefs, whether at home or professionally. Their success at making toast has no bearing on their ability to cook delicious food.

    So it is with awards.

    You may be afraid of screwing up something when it comes to selling awards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell them. The truth is you may have a “burnt toast incident” while selling awards. It happens sometimes and, it is the worst.

    Don’t let fear prevent you from selling awards. Instead, use the three resources below to help you prevent errors and create a fool-proof award business that is on the straight and narrow. Continue reading…

    You Need NEO

    One More Thing…You Need NEO

    Happy Wednesday!

    If you’ve been following this story, you know that I have personally and professionally grown immensely as a result of building a company culture with intention. I share a heartbeat with Crystal D, and it has become one of the most important things in my life.

    I am all in, and I drink the Kool-Aid on a daily basis and wouldn’t change a thing. I’m a committed Memory Maker and wear that badge with pride.

    I’ve shared my journey in Our Story. But there is more. A few more golden nuggets that have helped us be successful. I will share more with you over time. But for today, I have one more thing to tell you: companies need New Employee Orientation (NEO). Continue reading…

    I don't know what the award will look like

    I Can’t Sell Awards Because…I Don’t Know What It Will Look Like

    Dealers hesitate to sell awards for a number of reasons. I’ve been addressing these preconceived notions in my recent posts. I’ve discussed things like I can’t sell awards because I am not an expert or I can’t sell award because I have no time. Today I am addressing the idea that dealers don’t sell awards because they don’t know what the award will look like.

    Valid concern.

    It’s important to know what you are buying. When you don’t have a storefront to visit that allows you to hold an item that you would like to buy, it creates a sense of anxious tension. You don’t really know what you are buying exactly. Now consider that dealers are operating on behalf of their customers’ events and personalizing these awards for their recipients as well, more anxious tension is added to this situation. Continue reading…


    Recognize Ongoing Levels of Achievement

    Imagine this scenario: you’re a business owner who has been giving out an Employee of the Month award for many years. Each year, you hang a new plaque in the lobby of your building. You cover your wall in matching brown plaques with black nameplates. Your employees have little to no enthusiasm when they see their name on these plaques because these plaques are just plain boring and predictable.

    So what can you do to spark interest again? Continue reading…