Day to day. Informal. Formal. How do you recognize?

    How Do You Recognize? Three Types of Recognition

    The dictionary defines recognition as “the state of being recognized,” which is not exactly helpful. To really understand recognition is to understand what the purpose is. Employees who feel good about their jobs tend to perform at a higher level.

    Your company can become more successful when you recognize and reward performance that matches your corporate goals. There are three types of recognition that you can use to help your employees reach those goals: day-to-day, informal, and formal. Continue reading…


    How to Present Employee Service Awards

    Employee service awards are designed to recognize a deserving employee for years of service and/or dedication to the job. This type of corporate award is common in most businesses and has many benefits. However, business owners and managers hesitate to use employee service awards to their advantage because they don’t know what to say to their deserving employee. In fact, the number one reason why managers don’t recognize their employees is because they don’t know what to say!

    The good news is that it is very easy to figure out what to say to an employee during an awards presentation. Managers and business owners should not let this stop them from presenting employee service awards.

    Bob Nelson is one of the first individuals to research how to present a recognition award. He recommends a few very simple steps outlining what to say in his book, The 1001 Rewards and Recognition Fieldbook. Continue reading…

    Not-So-Scary Awards

    Daisy the Distributor and the Not-So-Scary Awards

    Daisy left the magical four-story building and started to make her way out of the forest because she needed to head to an appointment with one of her top clients. The meeting would be about the client’s new custom award project. Although she felt confident with Crystal D as her supplier of choice, she wasn’t confident about custom awards.

    “These always take SO long,” Daisy thought to herself. “And the process is incredibly complicated. But my client has to have something amazing. They need to feel ‘The WOW Effect’™ that Crystal D provides.”

    As Daisy made her way through the forest, it started getting dark. “This is not the way back to the city,” Daisy said out loud. Suddenly, a tree to her left burst into flames! She heard a cackle from within the forest, and a horrible, ugly witch came walking through the flames. Continue reading…

    Retirement Awards

    Break the Mold of Ordinary Retirement Gifts with Something Extraordinary!

    Retirement is a big deal. A person has worked hard, and now it’s time for them to relax and enjoy life. Don’t let this occasion pass by! Celebrate your recipient and all of their accomplishments. But how can you make this truly meaningful?

    Traditional retirement gifts are clocks or watches or plaques. Nothing super unique. Let’s change the status quo from boring and predictable to personal and colorful. You can combine the sparkle of crystal and the color of photography to create a one-of-a-kind retirement gift. Continue reading…

    Excited Woman

    A Tale of Two Recognition Events

    At Crystal D, we know that there are good recognition events and bad recognition events. We want to rid the world of the bad recognition events, and to help combat those, we’re sharing stories of good and bad recognition events.

    We’ve already given you examples of a few good recognition events, so now we want to show you how two different events had two drastically different reactions from the recipients.

    *Names have been changed to protect the innocent. And the guilty company. Continue reading…

    Daisy the Distributor

    Daisy the Distributor and the Three Awards Suppliers

    Once upon a time, there was a distributor named Daisy. Daisy was in search of an awards supplier to help her find the very best awards for her top clients. She searched around the promo products industry to find the right fit, but no one was quite right. To help clear her head, Daisy headed out on a walk. Maybe inspiration would strike on the way.

    Daisy headed out of her office in the big city, intending on just circling the block, when she suddenly found herself in a lush forest. Unexpectedly surrounded by beautiful greenery, Daisy kept walking as she enjoyed the change of scenery.

    After a short while, she stumbled upon a four-story brick building. There was no sign indicating what was inside, but Daisy decided to enter it anyway. A sign greeted her that said “Welcome to Your Awards Shop, Daisy!” Continue reading…

    Ricky Rubio

    Crystal D Stories: Revamping a Community Service Award

    Our sales teams work with a variety of different distributors who have unique customers and unique stories. I sat down with Mike recently, and he told me a story about one distributor who was helping revamp a community service award.


    Solutions Rep: Mike

    End User: Minnesota Timberwolves

    Objective: Service: creative idea and thoughtful personalization

    Continue reading…

    Costa Rica

    Making a Memorable Award

    I love hearing the stories behind some of our coolest pieces. Our Memory Makers love sharing the Regatta Award with Costa Rica artwork, so I wanted to hear how that piece came to be. And of course, I wanted to share that story with you!

    One of our distributors came to us with this project. He told us the story of Ms. Walker and her technology company, Charter Business.

    Charter Business was on the brink of collapse when she decided to acquire a key vendor. Once the acquisition was final, Ms. Walker decided to set a very aggressive sales goal for her team. In the first 12 months after the acquisition, she wanted $2 million in new sales. Continue reading…