Choose the right award every time.

    Tips for Choosing Employee Awards

    What do you think of when you hear the words “employee awards?” Chances are, every person who hears these words thinks of something different and creates their own picture of the perfect employee award. But choosing an award is easy!

    Ask yourself these questions:

    • What type of award designs should we choose?
    • How many awards should we have?
    • How much should we spend?

    Here’s a deeper look into these questions. Continue reading…

    How Do You Recognize? Three Types of Recognition

    The dictionary defines recognition as “the state of being recognized,” which is not exactly helpful. To really understand recognition is to understand what the purpose is. Employees who feel good about their jobs tend to perform at a higher level.

    Your company can become more successful when you recognize and reward performance that matches your corporate goals. There are three types of recognition that you can use to help your employees reach those goals: day-to-day, informal, and formal. Continue reading…

    Keep your customers saying "thanks"

    How to Say “Thank You” to Your Creme de la Creme

    Without customers, business doesn’t exist. Without your customers, your business doesn’t exist.

    Finding, maintaining, and cultivating a customer relationship is a lot like planting a tree. You plant a seed, and it starts out small. Slowly over time, it will grow into a lovely tree that provides shade.

    Nourishing the seed so that it can grow takes work. It takes dedication, attention, and lots of time. Just like cultivating a quality customer relationship. These folks are not run-of-the-mill. They are your A+, platinum-level, gold-plated customers.

    When was the last time you reminded your top customers that you exist? When was the last time you said: “thank you”? Continue reading…

    Recognition on a Smaller Scale

    Staff Appreciation 101: Nine Occasions to Show Your Employees They Matter

    As a business leader, you’re busy. You have a million things to do, but you also need to recognize your employees for their hard work. So what occasions can you recognize in an instant?

    Keep in mind that staff appreciation doesn’t have to be complicated or formal. Have fun with it! Here are nine occasions that you can recognize: Continue reading…

    Engagement comes from them.

    What the Experts Won’t Tell You: Engagement Comes From Them

    In my previous posts, I’ve shared a treasure trove of secrets that the experts won’t tell you, and I have one last one for you. You’re building this recognition culture at your company because you want your employees to be engaged, right? An engaged employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee makes your business run smoothly.

    Engagement experts and researchers know that having engagement and recognition opportunities at work will help companies provide better service and make more money. They know this because it is common sense. But sometimes business owners need more than common sense alone to believe it. So the experts have linked statistics to engagement in order to give it a return on investment. Continue reading…

    Lack of prestige ruins everything.

    What the Experts Won’t Tell You: Lack of Prestige Ruins It All

    Lots of time. Great managers. No popularity contests. These are secrets I’ve already busted open for you. But as you’re finding out, those aren’t the only secrets the experts don’t talk about. There’s more.

    I found out the hard way that a lack of prestige can ruin your recognition program. If your employees don’t see and feel the benefits of becoming an award winner, your program is a big waste.

    At Crystal D, our most prestigious recognition program is our Value Champions. This is a multi-faceted peer-to-peer program where our employees nominate each other for exemplifying a company value. One winner for each value is honored on WOW Day and given an award. They hold the title of Value Champion for the next twelve months until the next WOW Day.

    I believed it was a program that employees would want to strive to be a part of. But I learned that not everyone saw the prestige of being an award winner as a motivator for being part of the program. One of our most committed employees refused to participate. Continue reading…

    Popularity contests ruin everything.

    What the Experts Won’t Tell You: Popularity Contests

    The dark side of recognition continues with this next secret, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Time and managers make or break your culture-building, but they aren’t the only thing that makes your culture-building process stop. The experts don’t talk about popularity contests. Your employees are nominating their coworkers, but are they nominating for the right reasons? You need to vet your nominations and take away any personal bias so all employees have a fair shot at winning an award. Continue reading…

    Recognition Takes Time

    What the Experts Won’t Tell You: Time and Managers

    The reality of leading an organization into becoming a “being” of its own is damn hard work. It takes a lot of money, time, effort, and even more commitment. The test of time is the biggest test that your program faces. It sounds like no big deal, but time can make your program a success or a failure.

    This is one of the things experts like Dr. Bob Nelson, Adrian Gostick, Chester Elton, Gallup, Recognition Professionals International, and so on won’t tell you. It’s taken time and hard work for Crystal D to get where we are today with our recognition programs. I follow these experts and have learned a lot from them. What they have to say is important, and you need to listen to them.

    But they don’t like to talk about the dark side because it’s not pretty and can be very discouraging. And time is part of that dark side. Continue reading…

    Practicing recognition and building a culture is like making a trifle.

    How a Chocolate Trifle Makes Your Recognition and Culture-Building Better

    Have you ever eaten a chocolate trifle?

    It is perhaps the most tantalizing dessert on the face of the Earth. A tall, wide bowl holds layer upon layer of deliciousness. My wife makes a chocolate trifle that is layered from bottom to top like this:

    • Brownie
    • Chocolate pudding
    • Vanilla pound cake
    • Crushed Oreo cookie
    • More brownie
    • More Oreo cookie
    • Tons of whipped cream
    • Chocolate sprinkles

    Continue reading…