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Corporate Awards Leader, Crystal D, Answers Your Questions

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Art Services

  • FREE when art conforms to art guidelines
  • Hourly rate is $80.00(r), minimum rate of $40.00(r)
  • 3D modeling applies when three-dimensional art is requested; hourly rate is $80.00(r)
  • Image change fee: $14.00(r) per image per order
  • Signature redrawing fee: $16.70(r)
  • Send digital artwork to

Art Proofs

  • FREE for the first two proofs
  • All subsequent art proofs are $17.00(r)
  • Contact our solutions team for a quote


  • FREE for the first three
  • All subsequent virtuals are $17.00(r)
  • Contact our solutions team for ideas

Crystal D strives for the best in quality, which is why every award and gift is etched by hand. Our glass artisans ensure that the depth of the etching is the best quality and captures the detail of your artwork with consistency. We use a sand-blasting process which is far superior to other etching processes.

Deep Etch and Laser Engraving Art Services

  • FREE art services when art conforms to our guidelines
  • $80.00(r) per hour charge when art does not conform to our guidelines
  • Image change fee: $14.00(r) per image per order

Deep Etch and Laser Engraving Art Specifications

  • File formats
    • Adobe CC
    • Corel Draw files must be exported as .AI or .EPS files
  • Art must be saved as vector line art
  • Send artwork in both outline/curve and text formats
  • Attach names of all fonts used in the art file in the email or on a cover sheet
  • Art services will be incurred for font searching and matching

Font Requirements and Tips

  • Bold, open, sans serif fonts work best for deep etching
  • Avoid small script fonts
  • If a font is not etchable, we will substitute our closest etchable font
  • Send font artwork in both outline/curve and text formats

Click here
for etchability standards.

Colorfill is used to enhance the imprint on an award or plaque. Add $14.00(r) per piece, per color. Colorfill is available in a variety of translucent and opaque colors. Multiple/complex designs, requiring additional labor and art modifications, will be subject to extra charges.

Translucent Colorfill
Translucent colorfill allows light to pass through and can be applied to optical crystal and colored crystal. Choose from eight colors.

Opaque Colorfill
Opaque colorfill does not allow light to pass through and can be applied to optical crystal, black glass, colored crystal, and limited wall plaques. Choose from five colors.

We use state-of-the-art technology that can recreate any image inside your crystal gifts and awards. A high-tech laser makes minute fractures inside the crystal, producing a clear 3D image. Our proprietary process will produce spectacular images and communicate your special message. No image is too big, too small, or too intricate for this subsurface technology.

2D/3D Subsurface Imprint Art Specifications and Services
2D Images

  • FREE art services when the following type is provided
    • Formats accepted: .AI, .EPS, .PDF, .JPEG, .GIF, .TIFF, .PNG, and .BMP
    • Minimum resolution is 300 dpi

3D Images

  • FREE 3D modeling when 3DS Max (.Max) files are provided
  • Other formats accepted
    • .OBJ, .IGS, .STL, .DAE, .FBX, .SKP, .DWG, .STP, .DXF, and .3DM
  • Hourly modeling charge will apply at $80.00(r) per hour for other formats; contact us for a quote

Our Illumachrome™ process allows you to embellish certain awards and plaques with a burst of color. Any 4-color image may be transferred to a crystal award. Images appear multi-dimensional and vibrant with plenty of space for personalization. With our Illumachrome Plus™ process, you can add a second imprint to the back of your award as a personalizaed sentiment to your recipient.

Illumachrome™ Art Services

  • FREE art services when art conforms to the guidelines below
  • Hourly art charges will apply at $80.00(r) per hour when art does not conform
  • Image change fee: $14.00(r) per image per order

Illumachrome™ Art Specifications

  • Submit high-quality color photos and digital images
  • Minimum 300 dpi at the size of the imprint area
  • Exact color matches cannot be guaranteed

We use the sublimation process on a variety of our wall plaques. Full color art is transferred onto silver, white, or gold plates using our sublimation process. You can capture small details and dimension of your artwork using this process.

Sublimation Art Services and Art Specifications

  • FREE art services when art conforms to our guidelines
  • $80.00(r) per hour when art does not conform to our guidelines
  • Image change fee: $14.00(r) per image per order
  • Submit high-quality color photos and digital images
  • Exact color matches cannot be guaranteed
  • Minimum 300 dpi at the size of the imprint area

Standard Shipping

  • Standard production time is 6-8 business days after art approval

Quick Ship

  • Eligible products are marked with the Quick Ship icon
  • Orders ship 1-2 business days after art approval
  • FREE rush service
  • Standard imprint only - no additional services
  • Must have established credit or pay with credit card
  • Subject to stock availability
  • Catalog quantities only
  • Products subject to change; see website for latest offering
  • Available on all discontinued items

Rush Service

  • Rush charge applies when the ship date is five or less working days from receipt of order and artwork
  • 20% of order total or a minimum of $60.00(r), whichever is greater
  • No rush charge for Quick Ship Awards when catalog quantities are ordered

Prices are subject to change without notice.

What is included in the price of my awards and gifts?

  • FREE set-ups on all awards and gfts
  • FREE personalizations on 1000+ awards and gifts
  • FREE art services when art conforms to guidelines
  • FREE copy changes on all orders
  • FREE master cartons
  • FREE collateral insertion
  • FREE virtuals

Can I make changes to my order?

  • All changes must be received via fax or email
  • Verbal changes will not be accepted or acted on
  • Changes made to an order after art approval will incur a 10% or minimum service charge of $50.00 net, whichever is greater

Is there a minimum quantity I need to order?

  • Minimum quantities are clearly listed on product details pages
  • There is a $60.00(r) less than minimum charge per item when less than first column quantity is ordered

Can I cancel my order?

  • All cancellations must be received via fax or email
  • All costs incurred prior to cancellation will be invoiced
  • Contact your customer service representative to discuss the situation

What is your credit policy?

  • Completed credit agreement is required before credit can be extended
  • Net 30 terms is subject to credit approval
  • Prepayment is required for unapproved credit; we do not ship COD
  • We accept VISA, Discover, AMEX, and MasterCard credit cards at time of shipment
  • A 3% surcharge will be added to invoice amounts for credit card payments made after shipment
  • At the discretion of Crystal D, a finance charge will be added to past due invoices at the highest rate allowed by law

Do you discontinue products?

  • The Crystal D award and gift line is subject to change
  • Contact the customer service team to confirm availability
  • Discontinued products are eligible for Quick Ship service - no rush charge
  • Click here to view all discontinued products

What is your production time?

  • Generally, standard production time is 6-8 business days after art approval

Can I return my awards and gifts?

  • Standard imprinted, custom, and blank orders may not be returned for credit
  • Contact customer service for a Return Authorization Number for random samples

Additional Imprints

  • Add $14.00(r) for each additional imprint not included in the standard price

Image Change Fee

  • $14.00(r) when a new image is used on each individual item

Optional Metal Plates

  • Plates up to 24 square inches: $23.75(r)
  • Plates over 24 square inches: $23.75(r) plus $0.75(r) for each additional square inch

Awards Returned for Personalization

  • 1-5 pieces: $40.00(r) each
  • 6+ pieces: $16.65(r) each
  • F.O.B. Minnesota
  • FedEx, UPS, or motor freight will be used, depending on weight and destination
  • All shipments are subject to dimensional weight charges
  • Contact your account manager for a freight quote; estimates may vary
  • EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) numbers are required going to all EU countries, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Switzerland

To help make it simple, easy, and fast for you, your awards and gifts can be drop shipped to each recipient. The cost for this service is $13.00(r) plus shipping charges.

When your drop ship list is more than 10 addresses, please submit your list using our pre-formatted Excel template. If your list is submitted in a different format, a $250 list preparation service charge will apply.

The drop shipment template can be easily downloaded here.

For international drop shipments, there is a minimum charge of $40.00(net) per hour to prepare the necessary documents.

An additional charge of $19.00(net) will apply to individual shipments requiring an address correction after the shipment.

100% Hassle-Free Claim GuaranteeIf your awards get damaged during shipping, we will replace and reship them at no charge if you contact us within five days of receiving your order.

  • No need to file a damage claim
  • No more saving boxes
  • No more taking pictures
  • No more waiting for the shipping carrier to reimburse you
  • No more hassle
  • No more extra charges

We will take care of it all. Just give us a call.

FREE Master Cartons

  • No charge for master cartons
  • No additional charge for third party shipping
  • Minimum charge of $35.00 net or $40.00 net per hour to prepare documents to ship internationally
  • EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) numbers are required going to all EU countries, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Switzerland.

All contents of this catalog are protected under United States copyright law. The artistic designs marked with "© or ® 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 Crystal D All Rights Reserved" are proprietary products and protected under copyright law. These designs cannot be reproduced without our consent. Any unauthorized use, copying or derivative works made using these proprietary designs without express written consent of Crystal D [Dahlgren Enterprises, Inc.] will be deemed a violation of intellectual property rights and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The customer agrees to hold harmless and will defend Crystal D [Dahlgren Enterprises, Inc.] from all claims for patent, trademark or copyright infringement claims. All liability for the proper use of a trademark rests with the customer. Crystal D [Dahlgren Enterprises, Inc.] reserves the right to photograph or show as samples any items produced by us without any liability on our part as to trademark or artwork rights. Most logos shown in the catalog are from our customers and are used for display purposes only. No endorsement of product or company should be implied in any case.

The use of third-party logos, trademarks and trade names on products in this catalog are for illustrative purposes to represent Crystal D's [Dahlgren Enterprises, Inc.] expertise in factory printing and design capabilities. Such use does not imply an endorsement or association between Crystal D [Dahlgren Enterprises, Inc.] and any third party, nor does it indicate that the product has been used or purchased by any third party. Products featuring these designs are not for sale to anyone other than authorized representatives of the owners of the logos, trademarks and trade names.

Crystal D [Dahlgren Enterprises, Inc.] assumes no responsibility for determining the proper ownership or proper use of trademarks, trade names or logos. All liabilities of this type are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customers placing orders with Crystal D [Dahlgren Enterprises, Inc.] represent and warrant that they have the authority to order and distribute the product with the trademarks, logos and trade names specified on the customer's order and that the use or display of the artwork will not violate any laws or client restrictions.

Customers of Crystal D [Dahlgren Enterprises, Inc.] consent to indemnify, defend and absolve Crystal D [Dahlgren Enterprises, Inc.] from and against all claims, liabilities, expenses arising from or related to any actual or alleged infringement or misappropriation of any trademark, copyright, or other proprietary rights. This directive will remain in effect from the date of customer's order with Crystal D [Dahlgren Enterprises, Inc.]

Crystal D cares about our customers and strives to provide the highest quality and safest awards, promotional gifts, and plaques to the promotional products industry. Lately, some confusion has developed about this law, what it is, and how manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors need to comply.

The Consumer Product Safety Committee sets rules and guidelines for all children’s products. These guidelines can be found at

None of the products sold by Crystal D are considered children’s toys by CPSIA and are not subject to the CPSIA regulations. However, all of our substrates are tested with elemental testing technology to determine lead content. This voluntary testing is done annually and randomly throughout the year. Testing is completed whenever the composition of a product or a manufacturer changes.

For further information on product safety, testing, or reports please contact our Product Safety Coordinator at

WARNING: California Proposition 65 - "The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986" - California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) requires Crystal D [Dahlgren Enterprises, Inc.] to warn California residents that consuming food or beverages that has been kept or served in leaded crystal products or handling products made of lead crystal will expose them to lead. Lead is a chemical known by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

If you have specific questions about safety email us at or visiting the Prop 65 website at

Crystal D's quality standards ensure that you will receive the highest quality crystal awards and promotional gifts in the world.

  • Quality control standards are maintained on all items to provide appealing awards and promotional gifts of high value
  • Hand-blown art glass, lead crystal, or machine-made glass will have small variations which are inherent in the production of glass; shear marks, chill marks, flow lines, small bubbles and seams are unavoidable
  • Slight differences in size due to hand-finishing and polishing are not considered defects
  • Due to inherent properties of glass, marble, and wood, small imperfections may be evident, but do not diminish the value or appeal of the product
  • Variation in materials may result in variances in appearance and are considered to be within industry standards and not defective

At Crystal D, being "green" is more than a catchy tagline. Being "green" means that we consider the environment in our business decisions and daily business practices. We started this journey years ago when we launched our online order tracking system, which has reduced the need for a paper trail for every order we process. Today, we are making even more progress toward becoming "green." We have initiated changes to our facility to reduce energy and process all orders in a 100% paperless fashion!