Emma – Order Entry Specialist

Emma, Order Entry Specialist

My name is Emma, and I am an Order Entry Specialist.

I have worked 5 years in customer service/retail, and I am currently a student at ASU, obtaining my Communications degree through their online program. My family owns a carpet cleaning business, so I have approximately 7 Years of experience in cleaning.

I have lived in Minnesota my whole life but have spent all my holiday breaks with my family in Guadalajara, Mexico. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, writing, and watching horror films. I love writing and hope to write my own book or screenplay someday.

Something Surprising:I am fluent in Spanish and have been teaching myself Italian since 2021.

Favorite Award: Orion Star 10" because I have a fascination with astronomy and astrology, and this award catches my eye with the star being the focal point.