Kristine – Director of Finance

Kristine, Director of Finance

My name is Kristine, and I am the Director of Finance.

I've been in accounting and finance for 28 years and have primarily served manufacturing, distribution, and transportation organizations. At Crystal-D, I am responsible for finance, accounting, supply chain and the warehouse. I am passionate about financial strength of organizations and individuals. Balanced with a love of meaningful relationships and process driven results. My superpower is finance and accounting, but I'm a well rounded businesswoman at heart with a passion for all aspects of business and people.

Outside of work, I enjoy hitting the weights at the gym, yoga, an exquisite sip of bourbon, and spending time with my family. My husband and I stay busy with our 4 children and their many activities. We pause to cook mouthwatering meals and smoke meats that have friends and family clamoring for a restaurant of our very own. Maybe in retirement…

Something Surprising:In college I was pre-med and really wanted to be a mortician, before changing my major to accounting. What's the difference between a mortician and an accountant? Not much. Ha! I also love a good joke and laughter. An accountant that laughs? You betcha.

Favorite Award: My favorite award is the Majesty Award. It's… well… majestic! The different colors and abstract shape are so beautiful and unique.