Tim - Account Manager

Tim, Account Manager

My name is Tim, and I am an Account Manager.

I was born and raised in Minnesota. We moved a lot when I was a kid, so I've lived in various large and small towns throughout the state. I've worked in many different fields of customer service, mainly in management, so I believe I've got a great handle on what customer service really means. I even won Papa John's Manager of the Year in 2013!

In my spare time, I love writing music. I play the guitar and sing, and I occasionally perform at casual venues. I'm also a wedding DJ most Saturdays. I have a son who is my world, and my proudest accomplishment is being his dad.

Something Surprising: I have auditioned for Minnesota's Grab the Mic, American Idol, and The Voice!

Recognition Stats:

  • Respect Value Champion: 2018
  • Respect WOW Champion: 2018 3rd Quarter

Favorite Award: My favorite award is the Ludlow Award. I love the facets on top, and you can imprint it with any of our processes: deep etch, 3D subsurface, colorfill, and Illumachrome™. It's one of those perfect pieces that has endless possibilities.