Our Memory Makers make us say WOW!

Crystal D isn’t just a company that produces awards and gifts for others — we also practice recognition and appreciation with our own employees, who we call Memory Makers. We have a variety of programs in place to highlight people for the ways they contribute, carry themselves and serve our customers.  

Every quarter we spotlight five Memory Makers nominated by their peers for living out our Core Values on a daily basis. Congratulations to the WOW Champs for the second quarter of 2024, as announced this week! Here’s who they are and what was shared about them.

Jorge H. — Production

Core Value: Integrity — “I do what I say I will do.” 
“Jorge has, time and time, again proven to be reliable when it comes to tasks given. Whether it’s an order that needs to be handled quickly or an award that needs to be buffed, he is quick to accept the challenge and does so without complaint.”



Richard D. — Production  

Core Value: Quality — “I have the unyielding persistence to improve.” 
“Recently Richard has come across a few changes that were made in Production. He has a keen eye for detail that ensures the highest standards for our customers, internal or external. He comes to works efficiently in whichever area he is in. His quality and standards are top notch when etching or taping, with no questioning if something is passable or not. He just does, and gets the job done.” 


Heather W. — Office  

Core Value: Commitment — “I am committed to the ongoing viability of the company.”  
“Heather always goes above and beyond her normal duties, by helping out everyone with anything and everything that comes her way. She is dedicated, persistent, and takes pride in everything she does for our Memory Makers. She acts in the best interest of the company,  and is a good steward of company resources.”


Carnell T. — Production

Core Value: Respect — “I treat others the way I want to be treated.” 
“Carnell has a smile, laugh, and joke for everyone all the time. He is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet and will carry on inside jokes forever, even if he barely knows you. If you’re ever having a bad day, a single encounter with him is bound to boost your mood. While he’s making you smile and laugh, he’s still able to get all of his work done and help others with theirs.”


Michael X. — Production  

Core Value: Passion — “I have the burning desire to achieve, in all I do.” 
“Michael is passionate about everything Crystal D, from making sure every colorfill piece leaves perfectly, to striving to lead his team to victory for [the company’s] Values Week. He communicates his needs openly to make sure that everything gets done correctly and in a timely manner, and maintains a very positive attitude no matter how stressful a day gets.”

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