Making memories as a mom: Meet Ann

This week, as we celebrate the women in our lives who fulfill the title of Mom, we wanted to take a moment to share about one of our Memory Makers who shines in both her roles. Ann joined Crystal D in 2009 and has welcomed two girls since then.  

What is your role at Crystal D? I am a graphic designer, and my role includes working on new product design, creating virtual art (where we show customers how their artwork will look on our awards) and doing graphics for our internal company events.  

Who is in your family and what do you enjoy doing together? My husband, Weston, and I have been together for 21 years, and our daughters are Calla (4) and Ellie (2). We love spending time outside, up north, with family; playing games; making crafts; laughing and just being silly.  

Ann, Calla, Ellie and Weston

How does Crystal D support your work-life balance as a mother? 
Crystal D has been super flexible and has done a wonderful job helping me balance work and family. I have worked closely with my managers and design partner to communicate and adjust when needed. As my time with Crystal D has grown and my family has grown, we have always been able to adapt and find a way to make sure everyone wins. I am always willing to hop in and work, and my team always has my back if something comes up. “Take care of your family” is a common statement in our department. 

What’s the funniest thing one of your kids has done? 
Calla figured out very early on that her dad likes to tease and tell jokes. Her first and favorite joke is, “What do you call a bear with no teeth?” The punch line, which she tells while folding her lips over her teeth, is “GUMMY BEAR!” 

Her giggles make us laugh every time. Calla also quickly picked up on tones of voice, and one day when Weston was teasing me, she burst into the room and said, “Daddy, stop teasing Mommy!” This lil’ 4-year-old had my back! Now, she reminds us on a regular basis that “Mommy is the boss!” and that she is on my team! 

Who do you hope to emulate as a mother? Who inspires you?  
My mom was a third-grade teacher for 30 years and loved to interact with kids. She had some of the best “tricks” for helping kids learn and grow, and she taught me to “encourage the good” (behaviors), that tone is important, that follow-through is key — and to make things fun. One of my favorite “tricks” is giving kids options. 

For example, if the kids are not listening, give them a choice: “Would you rather pick up the toys and stay up 15 more minutes (which is the normal routine), or go to bed now (the punishment for not listening)?” The goal is to allow them to make a good choice themselves and avoid escalation. 

What would you like to say to other moms on Mother’s Day? 
Take a moment to enjoy what you have – the kids, the family, the little moments, and the laughter. 

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