Anything But a Boring Plaque!

Imagine for a minute that you work for a state fire department. Your job is to find awards for an annual banquet that honors brave and hard-working firefighters. Your first instinct is to stick with what you’ve always given: a plaque.

But then you realize something: the plaque is getting repetitive and kind of boring.

What kind of award will turn heads? What can represent them and their profession to the fullest? Is there something unexpected to give them?

One of our distributors came to us with this exact scenario. The Wyoming Fire Department had given out plaques for years, and the firefighters were getting less and less enthused about the event. Our distributor wanted something different but didn’t know where to start.

After some collaboration, our artists decided on a colorful 3D award, and this gorgeous piece of art came to life.

Our 3D artist spent hours modeling a firefighter dousing flames with his fire hose that’s inside the Camby Rectangle. You can see all of the intricate details of the uniform, even the individual drops of water coming off of the hose. As you turn the award, the firefighter and every angle of the water spray is clearly visible.


The 3D aspect of the award is incredible all on its own, but the additional imprints are what make this award even more incredible. The back of the award is flooded with an image of a roaring inferno. These flames are in full-color and let some light shine through to add depth. At the bottom of the award on the front are more flames, showing the firefighter in the midst of a battle.


We took this award design one step further by adding a deep etch of the fire department logo and the name of the award at the top with gold colorfill.


The firefighters who received this award couldn’t believe their eyes! They expected a boring plaque, and what they got was an incredible award that brought them to tears. This is an award they are proud to show off!

Camby Rectangle

Fireman GIF

Do you have a project in need of a facelift? Let us know! We’re happy to help create new ideas like this one!

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    Looking for something different to give to a fire instructor of SCBA’s who has instructed for nearly 30 years. This instructor will be recognized at our 13th annual arson conference in November in South Padre Island.

    This award will picture the instructor standing our fire cadet while training in the use of SCBA.

    at 11:07 pm
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