Not-So-Scary Awards

Daisy the Distributor and the Not-So-Scary Awards

Daisy left the magical four-story building and started to make her way out of the forest because she needed to head to an appointment with one of her top clients. The meeting would be about the client’s new custom award project. Although she felt confident with Crystal D as her supplier of choice, she wasn’t confident about custom awards.

“These always take SO long,” Daisy thought to herself. “And the process is incredibly complicated. But my client has to have something amazing. They need to feel ‘The WOW Effect’™ that Crystal D provides.”

As Daisy made her way through the forest, it started getting dark. “This is not the way back to the city,” Daisy said out loud. Suddenly, a tree to her left burst into flames! She heard a cackle from within the forest, and a horrible, ugly witch came walking through the flames.

“You’ll NEVER be able to do a custom project for your client,” the witch said. “Not under MY watch!” And with that, she turned into a bat and flew away.

Daisy was petrified. She’d had enough magic for one day in that building, and now the forest is on fire and witches are turning into bats? “And I’ll probably be late for this meeting,” she grumbled to herself.

After walking past more burning trees, Daisy found a clearing in the forest. She was happy to see that there wasn’t anything on fire in front of her, but she still had no idea how to get back to the city.

Much to Daisy’s surprise, a young woman on a horse appeared. She was wearing a suit of armor and had an impressively big sword on her hip. “Come with me, Daisy,” the woman said. “I’m here to help you fight through the perils of custom awards.”

Daisy wasn’t sure how a woman on a horse could help her, but with the magical building helping her out, this woman on a horse was clearly another sign of good things to come.

She jumped up on the woman’s horse, and they headed to the left side of the clearing. The path started to get narrow, and a stunning new forest appeared in front of them. Above the path was an arch that read “CUSTOM AWARDS.”

Daisy became visibly anxious. The woman on the horse said, “Fear not, Daisy. Although the path seems treacherous, we will pass through with ease.”

Custom GuitarDaisy calmed down and prepared herself for the path ahead. All of a sudden, the witch from earlier appeared! “You shall not have any easy path. Flying monkeys, A DELAY!” In the blink of an eye, flying monkeys appeared, creating a huge roadblock. The literal block said “CUSTOM AWARDS PROJECTED TIMELINE: SIX MONTHS.”

“Are you serious?!” Daisy cried. “I couldn’t pitch that to my client! Their event is so much closer than that!”

The woman on the horse quickly dismounted, grabbed a rock from the side of the path, and threw it at the roadblock. It crumbled to the ground, and Daisy was in awe. “How did you do that?!” she exclaimed.

“It was easy,” said the woman on the horse as she climbed back on the horse. “I used the power of Crystal D. Their custom awards only take 8-10 weeks to complete on average.”

Daisy was impressed, but she was also worried. “But Lady on the Horse,” she said. “My customer’s event is in two weeks. They don’t want a stock piece. They want something special.”

“Don’t worry, Daisy,” said the woman on the horse. “You’ll be fine.” And with that, they continued onward through the forest.

After what felt like an eternity, the horse suddenly stopped. Daisy was concerned because animals always sense danger before humans. As expected, danger appeared in the form of that witch again. This time, she and her flying monkeys left a taller, wider, and sturdier roadblock which read “ONE IMPRINT PROCESS.”

The woman on the horse laughed, grabbed another rock, and again knocked down the roadblock with ease. Daisy waited for the explanation on this one.

“The power of Crystal D again, Miss Daisy,” said the woman on the horse. “When the timeline for a custom award is too long for your client, Crystal D can customize a stock piece for your client.”

“How do they do that?” Daisy asked. “It’s still going to look like a stock piece.”

“Crystal D has several imprint processes that you can combine for your clients,” the woman on the horse said. From there, she explained each process to Daisy.

She talked about deep etch, which is Crystal D’s bread and butter. For over 25 years, they have been deep etching crystal awards and gifts, so they’ve mastered the process. The woman on the horse explained to Daisy that she can enhance the deep etch with colorfill. Daisy can choose from 16 different colors to add to the etch.

The woman on the horse wasn’t finished yet. As she and Daisy headed down the path, she talked about the Illumachrome™ process where Daisy’s clients can send in a 300dpi full-color image and add it to the award. The results are always breathtaking.

Aspen AwardFinally the woman on the horse mentioned 3D subsurface imprinting. Daisy had heard of this, but she had never seen it. The woman on the horse pulled out the Aspen Award, and it was spectacular! Inside the award was a 3D ship. The front and back had the ocean and the sunshine imprinted with Illumachrome™, and the front was deep etched and colorfilled with a beautiful red colorfill.

Daisy was much more optimistic once she learned about the different ways she can customize an award for her clients. She was eager to get out of the forest and share this information.

The dark forest started to get a little lighter. Daisy knew they were almost out, and she was ready to share custom awards and customized awards with her clients. Without warning, the wind began to howl and the sky turned pitch black. The witch from before returned.

“You’ve passed through my two roadblocks, but you will never get out of this forest satisfied!” she screeched. The witch quickly turned into a fire-breathing dragon, and Daisy began to cry. “How are we going to get out of this?!”

Calmly, the woman on the horse took out her sword. The dragon breathed fire and yelled, “YOU’LL NEVER GET A CUSTOMIZED AWARD IN LESS THAN A MONTH!”

The woman on the horse threw her sword into the dragon and shouted, “Crystal D’s production time is much faster!” The dragon fell to the ground, and the horse sprinted out of the forest.

As they emerged back in the city, the woman on the horse told a very surprised Daisy, “Your customized awards will ship 6-8 days after Crystal D receives your order. If it’s a subsurface order, it will ship 5-8 days after art approval.”

Daisy was so grateful to hear that her clients will receive their orders in less than two weeks. “Thank you for saving me from the forest of scary custom awards,” she said as she got off the horse. “I never did catch your name.”

The woman on the horse smiled as she rode into the sunset and said, “You’ve known it all along.”

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