Survey says: Customers recommend Crystal D to others

What’s the first thing you do when you need something and aren’t sure where to go? Often, you ask friends or family for recommendations. This kind of word-of-mouth advice provides confidence and assurance that you’ll also have a positive experience. That’s why we are honored when people recommend us.   

More than 200 of our customers participated in our most recent Voice of the Customer survey, and this was one of the reoccurring themes within their feedback. We take these endorsements — and our reputation for providing the highest quality customer service and awards — seriously.  

Here are a few examples of what customers shared.  

  • “I always tell my coworkers to look at Crystal D first. From brainstorming ideas all the way to the client getting the items, the follow-through is truly better than any supplier I’ve ever dealt with.”
  • “Your customer service and attention to detail and product quality is why I would recommend Crystal D without hesitation.”     
  • “I would offer Crystal D as one of the first choices of where to look if [someone is] searching for awards for a client/customer. I would also remind them of their reliability if time or in-stock product is important.” 
  • “I would share [with others] that Crystal D is VERY personable yet professional! They are very efficient in EVERY aspect of their business, and I have NEVER been disappointed by the company or the personnel at Crystal D!”

  • “Crystal D makes your job easier. From order processing, proactive communication and product quality, you can count on them.”


We are grateful to earn these recommendations. For assistance with product selection, customization ideas, questions and quotes, contact us at (800) 544-1131 or email   

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