Your Company's Leaders, The Cherry on Top

Honor Incredible Leadership with a Crystal Award

A leader creates a vision for the future, motivates and inspires, and builds a team. They solve problems, look forward, and have a “not good enough” attitude. Peers look up to them and come to them for guidance and advice. Leaders deserve an award that makes them feel that they are truly a valued member of the team and should be rewarded for their continued dedication.

In a way, leaders are the best part of a delicious ice cream sundae. The company is the ice cream – a great base and wonderful all on its own. The employees are the toppings like whipped cream and chocolate and caramel – the things that make it better. And leaders are the cherry on top. They make the sundae perfect with their attitude, abilities, and impact on the company.

What types of leadership activities are worthy of recognition? And what kinds of awards can you give? Here are a few awards that we’ve created to recognize different leaders in an organization.

The Rock-Star Executive Assistant’s Can-Do Spirit
Torus Award
One company gave the Torus Award to an executive assistant for leaving her mark throughout the company. Her positive attitude and “can-do” spirit were exactly what the company needed when they were going through a rough patch of low sales. After sales rebounded, this leader was able to give advice to the peers that came to her for guidance. Her company was so grateful for her leadership skills that they honored her with an incredible award.

The Customer Service Agent with the Best Attitude
Flight Indigo Award
Not taking “no” for an answer is what got one customer service agent an award for the best attitude. He was rewarded with the Flight Indigo Award because he consistently looked for a solution to problems and never settled. His peers came to him when they needed help because he took charge and was able to come up with well-thought-out solutions to overcome the unique obstacles and objections they faced.

The President’s Choice
Elliptic Award
In many companies, the President’s Award is the highest leadership honor. Commonly, the recipient of the President’s Award has made an impact in every department and has consistently left their mark on the company throughout their journey. For example, the Elliptic Award was given to the vice president of a company because of his dedication to the success of the company, the marks he left on employees who trusted his guidance, and the love he had for every aspect of the business.

The best awards for your leaders are the ones that make them stand tall. The ones that let them share their recognition story over and over again. The ones that leave them awestruck. Highlighting a leader’s continued successes and incredible impact on the company when they are presented with the award is the cherry on top of an amazing sundae.

Need help recognizing your leaders? Contact us for other brilliant ideas. Already good at this? Tell us how you do it!

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