Counter Cyclical Sales

#ChuckSaid – Counter Cyclical Sales

When I ask distributors “What it the best time of year to make money?” without hesitation, they usually answer, “Third and fourth quarter.” This is the time of year that most distributors think of as their “cash cow months.” Product moves and sales boom.

Then January hits and distributors take a collective deep breath, thankful to have survived another stressful busy season. But why?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the boom didn’t stop just because the ball drops every New Years Eve? What if your business could continue booming all the way through the first and second quarter? Wouldn’t it be great if your “cash cow months” kept mooing?

If continuing to make money during the traditional slow season sounds good to you, stick with me. You’ll be glad you did.

Facts show that the busiest months for awards sales are January, February, March, and April. I know this because these are consistently the busiest months for Crystal D. Our phones ring off the hook, emails come in and go out in every direction. These are the “cash cow months” for awards.

The months that are typically slow for promotional products are busiest for awards.  The busy season for awards runs opposite to the busy season for promotional products, creating what I call the Counter-Cyclical Effect.  

This Counter-Cyclical Sales Effect happens each and every year.

It offers you the opportunity to sell awards during the traditionally slow months and create a consistently busy, productive, lucrative, booming business.

The graph below shows this counter-relationship.

Counter Cyclical Graph

Imagine the pipeline that you could create if you accessed the momentum that the awards season already carries.

As you wrap up your busy season with promotional products, you could ask your client for their award business. That way you wouldn’t have to find new clients that want awards. In most cases, your pipeline can be filled using existing client relationships, allowing your busy promotional products season to dovetail right into a busy awards season.

Here is the deal with awards: they’re a financially lucrative product category and are personally rewarding to sell. Everyone should sell awards, but few distributors do. So the path to this business opportunity is wide and welcoming. If you have even one drop of interest in this, pounce on the opportunity. I’m serious. You won’t regret it.

If you’re new to awards, we can help you. We have resources that you can use and people you can talk to or email to help you get started.

If you already sell awards and are looking for some new ideas, click here.

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