Community Outreach July-September

July, August, and September Community Outreach Recap

At Crystal D, we care about our community. In 2016, we volunteered 771 hours. In 2017, we knocked it out of the park and volunteered 1071.25 hours. Chuck is challenging us to volunteer 1000 hours in 2018. Since Chuck issued that challenge at WOW Day on January 19, we’ve been busy! So far, we’ve volunteered 692 hours with 37 organizations.

I was able to catch up with some of our Memory Makers to hear what they had to say about their volunteer experiences this quarter:

“I recently walked in and raised funds for the Rise Above Seizures Walk to support the Minnesota Epilepsy Foundation,” said Liz Thill. “In October 2016, my daughter Sophia was diagnosed with epilepsy that got progressively worse over the next year. On September 13, 2017, she had her first brain surgery, and had a second one on September 20 which threatened her motor functions and language functions. She continued to have seizures until October 3, 2017. We’re almost at one year seizure-free! During this walk, I couldn’t help but wipe away tears of joy as I saw friends, family, and coworkers walking with me. Volunteering is more than just dedicating your time and raising money for a great cause. It’s about having a personal connection to something you truly believe in.”

We enjoy giving back to our community, and I can’t wait to see where else our Memory Makers will be volunteering this year!

Check back soon for an update!

Organizations We’ve Volunteered at in 2018

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