Community Outreach January-March

January, February, and March Community Outreach Recap

At Crystal D, we care about our community. In 2016, we volunteered 771 hours. In 2017, we knocked it out of the park and volunteered 1071.25 hours. Chuck is challenging us to volunteer 1000 hours in 2018. Since Chuck issued that challenge at WOW Day on January 19, we’ve been busy! So far, we’ve volunteered 62.5 hours with 5 organizations.

I caught up with some of our Memory Makers to hear about how their volunteering experiences have been.

“It’s amazing how a little volunteering can make you feel,” said Ann Kirch in the marketing department. “It’s fun, it’s a great time spent interacting with others, and of course, it feels great to help others. The event I went to recently was outside of the normal reasons I volunteer. Late last year, we lost a family friend who was only in high school. She and her family have always been the kindest and most giving family. In her honor, the family asked that friends and loved ones volunteer. Her mom organized a lot of trips to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children, so my husband and I have gone to two sessions so far. Each time, we invite more people, and the group keeps getting bigger. It’s pretty cool to see all of these people just giving.

“I volunteer every Saturday that I can,” says Darlene Sheetz in the purchasing department. “It’s become a part of me. I enjoy knowing that 100-150 families will go home with a cart of food because I was there to help them. The room is packed full of pallets of food when we get there, and by the end of the event, it’s all gone. It’s a tremendous feeling to know that families in need have food because we worked as a team to make sure our neighbors leave with a smile on their faces and food to fill their cupboards.”

We enjoy giving back to our community, and I can’t wait to see where else our Memory Makers will be volunteering this year!

Check back soon for an update!

Organizations We’ve Volunteered at in 2018

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