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Making a Memorable Award

I love hearing the stories behind some of our coolest pieces. Our Memory Makers love sharing the Regatta Award with Costa Rica artwork, so I wanted to hear how that piece came to be. And of course, I wanted to share that story with you!

One of our distributors came to us with this project. He told us the story of Ms. Walker and her technology company, Charter Business.

Charter Business was on the brink of collapse when she decided to acquire a key vendor. Once the acquisition was final, Ms. Walker decided to set a very aggressive sales goal for her team. In the first 12 months after the acquisition, she wanted $2 million in new sales.

Her team was up for the challenge and got to work right away. Ms. Walker watched how her employees put their heart and soul into the task. So she decided to reward the top ten salespeople in a unique way.

The first part of the reward was an all-expense paid trip to Costa Rica. The sales winners would stay at one of the island’s most exclusive resorts. These winners were going to have the time of their lives!

Ms. Walker also wanted to give them a lasting reminder of the accomplishment along with the trip, so she asked her distributor to help her come up with something.

When the distributor came to us for help, our Solutions Specialists and production artists smiled because this type of award is what Crystal D does best!

Costa RicaOur first suggestion was that the colors and style of the award should reflect what the winners will see in Costa Rica. We recommended the Regatta Award as the canvas for this incredible artwork because the shape perfectly resembles a wave. This shape will remind the winners of their time at the ocean in Costa Rica.

Our artists created an incredible tropical scene using our Illumachrome™ imprint process. A semi-transparent image floods the background. The blue in the artwork represents the ocean, the red and orange embodies the beautiful flowers on the island, and the green is a reminder of the palm trees. The front of the award was etched with a striking deep etch that highlighted the winner’s name and the Charter Business logo.

Ms. Walker was amazed at how the awards turned out, and she couldn’t wait to present them to her top ten salespeople! Each winner now had a reminder of their success as well as their vacation.

Ms. Walker’s vision became a reality because she and her distributor allowed us to help create the perfect award. Do you have a special occasion you want to mark with a crystal award? Contact us today! Our Solutions Specialists have so many ideas to turn your dream into a reality!

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