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Crystal D Stories: Revamping a Community Service Award

Our sales teams work with a variety of different distributors who have unique customers and unique stories. I sat down with Mike recently, and he told me a story about one distributor who was helping revamp a community service award.


Solutions Rep: Mike

End User: Minnesota Timberwolves

Objective: Service: creative idea and thoughtful personalization

The distributor called, and his first words were, “Mike, this is gonna be big.”

“I was instantly excited,” Mike admits.

The Minnesota Timberwolves were renaming their community service award to the Flip Saunders Legacy Award. They needed a new award design to go along with the new name.

The award was named in honor of the late Flip Saunders, a former Timberwolves coach and Minnesota basketball legend, who passed away from cancer in 2015. Each year, one Timberwolves player receives this award.

“The distributor admitted that he had no idea how to commemorate a person like Flip Saunders who is larger than life,” says Mike. “My customer was paralyzed because he didn’t know how to choose the ‘right’ award or how to make it as meaningful as he wanted it to be.”

Mike met with our virtual design artist, and they created five different design options. The design pictured here is one the Timberwolves chose. It has a three-dimensional bust of Flip Saunders with deep etch and colorfill on the personalization and inscription.

Blenheim Award

“Believe it or not, this was the first design that popped in my head,” says Mike. “And it was the first virtual design we developed. They ended up choosing it!”

The first winner of this award was Ricky Rubio. “It warms my heart to see Ricky’s emotion when he received the award,” says Mike. “This is exactly the reaction I was going for!”

Ricky Rubio

Because of Mike’s ideas and our virtual artist’s eye for detail, Crystal D was able to create an award that everyone in the Timberwolves organization loved. Our solutions specialists are full of ideas that will help you Turn Emotions Into Memories!™ for your customers. Drop us a line, and we’ll come up with something great for you too.

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