Recognition on a Smaller Scale

Staff Appreciation 101: Nine Occasions to Show Your Employees They Matter

As a business leader, you’re busy. You have a million things to do, but you also need to recognize your employees for their hard work. So what occasions can you recognize in an instant?

Keep in mind that staff appreciation doesn’t have to be complicated or formal. Have fun with it! Here are nine occasions that you can recognize:

  1. Email/Phone Call Volume: your employees processed an enormous amount of orders! Recognize them for their continued hard work and dedication by recognizing them on your social platforms. Announce who they are, what they’ve accomplished, and why it was such a great feat.
  2. Acquire New Clients: your employees created a new program that helps you acquire new clients. Honor them for taking the initiative to help the company grow by sticking a tasty treat, like a candy bar, at their desk after they’ve left for the day. The next day will start off on the right foot after they’ve found their delicious surprise.
  3. Return Clients: existing clients are returning because of a new program created by your employees. Thank them for their persistence by sending a card to their home. Who wouldn’t be thrilled by getting a special message unexpectedly?
  4. Record Production Numbers: your production team produced a record number of pieces. Celebrate their accomplishments by bringing it up at a company meeting for all to hear. You never know: this might set the bar for other employees.
  5. Saving Money: the accounting department found a way to save money and use fewer company resources. Recognize them for their efforts.
  6. Record Sales: your employees set a new record for sales in a month. Celebrate that milestone!
  7. Accident-Free Days: there were no accidents on the job for a record number of days. Thank your employees for being safe.
  8. Record Attendance: no employees missed a day of work for a record number of days. Recognize them for their dedication to the company.
  9. Employee Anniversaries: your employees have been with the company for a number of years. Celebrate their work anniversary!

We Appreciate YouShowing staff appreciation builds a bridge between you and your staff. It opens the door of communication and helps them see you as a person, not just the boss. The good news is that writing a quick thank you note to an employee or acknowledging them in front of their peers only takes a minute. You really can show your appreciation at a moment’s notice!

When you do this, you can expect things to change in your organization. Employees who are recognized are typically more productive, less likely to be absent, and accept change with more ease compared to employees who are not recognized. All of these benefits lead to greater efficiency and profitability for your business!

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