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How to Build Safety Incentive Programs

Your employees are not only hard workers but safe workers. To show your appreciation, why not introduce a safety program?

What is a Safety Program?

A safety program is an employee recognition program that has a single focus: safety. These incentive programs help an organization meet various safety goals by recognizing employees for practicing safety at work. A safety incentive program is designed to increase awareness and make a safety program more effective.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 2.6 million non-fatal work-related injuries and illnesses and 5,190 fatalities occurred in 2021. The cost of caring for injured workers is high, but an effective safety program can help offset those costs and even prevent injuries!

How to Establish a Safety Program

Establishing a safety incentive program is just like developing any other recognition program. The first step is to identify the primary outcome of the program. You can start this process by answering the following questions:

  • How can the organization reduce the number of injuries at work?
  • What should employees and managers do to be safer at work?
  • Is there anything specific employees and managers need to know about workplace safety?
  • What processes need to be implemented?
  • What will the organization change to reach its desired level of safety?

Crystal goal-setter award for safety program with six blue crystal blocks

The next step is to select attractive incentives to recognize employees for their safety-related accomplishments. While these incentives do not need to be elaborate or expensive, they do need to be meaningful.

Many companies use recognition awards to symbolize big, milestone achievements because they can add a company logo and employee name while highlighting the accomplishment. Take the Peak Goal-Setter, pictured here, for example. A truck driver received this award for his outstanding driving skills and accident-free miles. Crystal blocks represent each milestone, and the safety award has space for more blocks to be added whenever the driver reaches a new goal.

Mayflower Transit Logo

Elements like a logo (shown here), a personalized message, and custom artwork make a reward even more personal to the winner, and it becomes a symbol of success.

Not sure what to say on a safety award? We’re here to help! Contact us today.

As time goes on, continue to build a program that directly recognizes employees and managers when they work safer and leads the organization toward its desired level of safety. In addition, OSHA offers a number of valuable tools to help you create or enhance a safety program.


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