Liuli Awards

Celebrate Creativity. Recognize Passion. Honor Achievement.

Looking for a high-end award that is both a conversation piece and an acknowledgment of appreciation?

An industry exclusive, the Liuli Awards include exquisite colors and designs. Each one is unique and hand-crafted with meticulous detail and care, which includes an impressive nine-step process that has been around for over 2,000 years! With devotion to detail and immaculate design, these awards truly are a work of art as any error along the way results in starting over. The final product is truly a specialized award for a deserving recipient!

The Liuli Gallery consists of a selection of nine award designs. These awards are freestanding, translucent, and not prone to color fading, resulting in an award that will last a lifetime. Light passes through the design, giving it a creative flair. Commemorate a big event or acknowledge an outstanding achievement with these stunning awards.

To add even more “WOW” to the award, consider adding colorfill. Enhance the imprint on your award with a variety of translucent and opaque colors that make your message stand out. Our premium black gift boxes can also be personalized.

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