Brenda Peralta - Customer Service

Brenda Peralta, Customer Service

My name is Brenda, and I work in customer service.

I bring over 30 years of customer service to the table, I have a strong background in the restaurant industry, and I genuinely enjoy working with people. This experience taught me to appreciate gourmet cooking and fine dining. In fact, one of my favorite hobbies is cooking up a tasty meal!

My greatest accomplishment is raising my daughter on my own. I especially enjoy handiwork, like fixing things around the house, and sharing an afternoon with my daughter, family, or friends.

Something Surprising: My dream vacation destination is Bora Bora for its warm weather, beaches, and ocean water.

Recognition Stats:

  • 2018 Supplier Global Resource Customer Service Representative of the Year
  • Respect Value Champion: 2014
  • Respect WOW Champion: 2014 4th Quarter
  • Integrity WOW Champion: 2017 3rd Quarter
  • Step Up: 2017