I Can't Sell Awards Because They're Too Expensive

I Can’t Sell Awards Because…They Are Too Expensive

To me, inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap. It means less than $75. And lucky for you, Crystal D offers a bunch of awards and gifts that fit into this category that you will love! In fact, we have 175 awards and gifts that are less than $75. Stick with me for a few minutes, and I will shatter the presumption that Crystal D sells only high-end awards and that you can’t sell awards because they are too expensive.

Let’s start with our most popular award and gift in this category – the 3D Subsurface items. These stylish gifts are ϋber popular because they can hold any three-dimensional artistic design floating inside. The optical brilliance of their flawless beauty is not compromised by their petite size. These gifts are priced under $20 and are an ideal thank you gift, door prize, room gift, giveaway, or small recognition award.

The next category worthy of our attention is Art Glass. Art Glass features energetic streams of color that collide inside the center of perfect crystal to create a work of art. These awards are exceptionally beautiful, and have a very affordable price! They can be used for many different occasions but are a common choice for a Years of Service award or to commemorate sales milestones.

If you need a functional gift that comes in under $75, consider the Galileo Thermometer or Cell Phone Holder. The thermometer accurately measures and reports the room temperature using floating orbs. And the Cell Phone Holder makes a beautiful desktop accent while securely holding a standard size cell phone.

If you have a theme that you’d like to stick with, we have a slew of options such as, education, global, or golf. All the items that you see below are budget-friendly but make a big impact on the recipient.

Many of our grandiose awards have smaller counterparts that still pack a big punch. These awards look and feel like our more expensive awards but are still priced under $75, making them super attractive. All these are made from the highest quality materials available – optical crystal – and are totally flawless.

Our range of inexpensive awards and gifts is vast, offering you many options. If you haven’t seen an award or gift here that fits your budget or need, check out this video or search our impressive online selection of inexpensive awards and gifts.

Please contact us with questions; we are ready to get to work!

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